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Mr. Osborne – British Literature Unit Preview 4 – The Romantic Period

With only a few decades to cover, Mr. Osborne tries to move quickly through the brief Romantic Period only to find that the classic works keep on coming. Dis…

CASE AV Partners with R. Brent Howard to Launch a New Architectural Speaker Line That Will Transform the AV Industry

San Diego, California (PRWEB) August 31, 2014

CASE AV in partnership with R. Brent Howard (founder of Truaudio), is pleased to announce the launch of Arete– an architectural, in-ceiling speaker line that will undoubtedly transform the AV industry. Designed and engineered by Brent, manufactured by CASE AV, Arete will debut at the 2014 CEDIA EXPO.

“Our partnership has created a new revolution in custom AV integration,” says Brent. “The new speakers are designed with the balance of inspiration, innovation, purpose and function. These exceptional speakers are integrated with patent-pending components to assure ease of installation. They offer advanced technology for high performance and professional results to enhance today’s listening environments and lifestyles.”

“Brent, no stranger to the CEDIA market,” has a long history of developing speaker concepts and AV products,” says Michael T. Scherr, President of CASE AV. “When you couple his experience with Case AV’s strength to manufacture and deliver quality AV integration products, we have an incredibly strong partnership. We are focused on introducing innovative products that radiate with dealers and installers, while ensuring an impactful experience for homeowners.”

Experience the revolution of custom AV integration. Visit us and Brent, at the CASE AV booth #516, CEDIA EXPO in Denver, September 11-13.


At CASE AV, we are a premier solution provider and manufacturer of AV integration and satellite products. We deliver innovation, quality products, new services, advanced technology and new experiences for all our customers.

We offer products and solutions in every major residential category including: audio and home networking, bulk wire and cable, and mounts and installation products. We are a company you can count on and a partner you can trust.

For more information about CASE AV, visit or call 800-519-8731.

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Design and technology

Creative Careers for the 21st Century

Information and its use in a digital environment is undergoing a transition in the mid-1990s that is similar to and in some ways more portentous than the introduction of the Gutenberg printing press 500 years ago.

For complete details about study in uk, visit abroad education corner.

The information age has spanned the digital media revolution. Businesses and consumers are being introduced to information in a digital form of interactive text, images, animation, sound and video. The demand for this new form of multimedia is increasing at a rapid pace.

As a result, the demand for artists, designers, animators, video production personnel and multimedia authors who can create, design and produce content for this new digital media revolution currently exceeds the supply. The pool of creative talent for the 21st century is forming now.

Most of the computer animation and multimedia educational programs in existence today were barely in their infancy five years ago. Technology plays a very large role in education for this field. Because the equipment is so expensive, it is almost impossible for individuals to create an environment to learn the skills themselves. The key for prospective students is to choose a school that is committed to maintaining the technology. Frequently, instructors work at companies in interactive industries and can provide students with job leads and recommendations.

When choosing a school, the decision should be based on the teaching ability of a faculty and on the subject matter. Most industry experts agree that a school that has programs geared toward digital media career preparation should offer:

fundamental art and design courses such as sketching, life drawing, characterisation, modelling, painting, rendering, graphic design, storyboarding skills, colour and light, cameras, and sound.
knowledge and experience with graphics software for image manipulation, computer paint, layout and design, two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation, multimedia authoring, video and special effects, audio and video non-linear editing, computer-aided drafting and three-dimensional modelling.
liberal arts studies, and skills in communication, interviewing, presentation, production, time management, and portfolio and demo tape production.

The curriculum of a school should serve as a plan for success. The student builds on the learned skills and competencies necessary to meet industry requirements, and the demo tape and portfolio completed at the end of the program is the tangible out-come of that plan.

Prospective students should seriously analyse their capabilities and desires. Learning to draw, edit and animate is like learning to play a musical instrument – its largely a matter of practice and dedication. Employers are looking for trained creative individuals who also demonstrate a passion and enthusiasm for building these interactive worlds. Passion and enthusiasm breed the discipline required to develop the skills for this field.

Lucas Arts Entertainment Co, the games division of the entertainment conglomerate operated by filmmaker George Lucas, found that passion and enthusiasm in Craig Rundles, Jim Rice and Clint Young, three recent graduates of the Computer Animation and Multimedia programs at The Art Institute of Dallas. Rundles and Young are working on the development of Rebel Assault II, a video game that will coincide with the new Star Wars trilogy Lucas is producing.

Much like an illustrator, production artist or calligrapher, the computer animation/multimedia specialist is a highly skilled and specialised artist. Graduates should be prepared to apply their skills in positions such as computer animator, architectural simulation artist, broadcast graphics artist, animator for business applications, animator for computing/information technology, animator for corporate/industrial presentations, entertainment/edutainment animator, film animator, animator for interactive CDROM, animator for interactive television, paintbox artist, special effects artist and animator, and animator/artist for titling and design.

The field is very accessible for individuals who have artistic backgrounds coupled with hardware and software technology skills. The ‘starving artist’ myth should be dispelled in the 21st century as institutions of higher learning focus on art and technology curricula that lead to successful creative careers.

For complete details about study in uk, visit abroad education corner.

article source:

For complete details about study in uk, visit abroad education corner.

Emotions and Money Can Be a Dangerous Combination for Many Americans

St. Joseph, MO (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Family Investment Center has released a new white paper addressing the role people’s emotions can play in making financial decisions.

Dan Danford, founder and CEO of Family Investment Center, understands the importance of the connection between emotions and money, and his expertise in the area has gained national attention from sources like the Wall Street Journal and Medical Economics.

Danford finds that “people don’t realize how often their attitudes and feelings about money can get in the way of their success when it comes to making decisions. In many cases, there’s a lifetime of thought patterns that have turned into habits and beliefs that may be holding a person back from reaching their goals with money.”

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Danford often sees clients that have serious worries about money and these stresses usually stem from a negative experience related to math, guilt or false confidence in spending, and anxiety about the markets. “These financial burdens can be costly to the most well-meaning person, but they can also be overcome,” says Danford.

Danford suggests several ways to overcome negative emotions toward investing in his most recent white paper. He believes that being well-educated on the basics toward investing can decrease anxieties, but warns that having too much of a “do-it-yourself” attitude or leaning too heavily on market fluctuations can contribute to unnecessary investment stress. He also recommends that individuals and families set realistic goals and seek out help from an advisor to build confidence in making financial decisions.

Danford hopes resources like the new white paper will encourage investors to consider their own behaviors toward money and to set goals toward their future, regardless of fears that it may be “too late” or that their resources won’t be enough.

“Our team isn’t trying to delve into those emotions or act as psychologists, but rather to be a neutral and professionally-experienced voice to help navigate and guide through the decision-making process so that these emotions don’t get in the way of a person’s next steps,” Danford explains. “Because we operate in a fee-only environment, we can share the best of our stream of education and experience in an open setting – which helps us move forward with clients.”

For more information about the white paper or Family Investment Center, visit or

About Dan Danford and Family Investment Center

Dan Danford serves as President/CEO of Family Investment Center, a full-service, commission-free investment advisory firm. Based in St. Joseph, Mo., Family Investment Center also serves clients in the Kansas City Northland area and across the country.

In 2012, Danford was featured in the book “America’s Top Financial Advisors.” A 2009 Wall Street Journal article outlined Danford’s unique birthday messages to clients, complete with a $ 2 bill inside the envelope. In 2009, Danford was also quoted on “ABC News” for his insight into how parents can protect funds for their children’s college education. He was listed as one of the 150 Best Financial Advisors for Doctors in 2008 and 2009 by Medical Economics magazine. A 2006 article in The New York Times quoted Danford’s insights on working with a financial advisor.

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Thatcher and Hodgkin: How chemistry overcame politics
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Aerospace Plastics Market to Hit $10.5 Billion by 2018 at CAGR of 7.9%: Transparency Market Research

Albany, New York (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “Aerospace Plastics Market for Fuselage, Wings and Empennage Applications in Commercial Aircrafts, Military Aircrafts, Rotary Aircrafts and General Aviation – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 – 2018”, the global aerospace plastics market was worth $ 6.2 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach $ 10.5 billion in 2018. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.9% in the forecast 2012 – 2018. Considering in terms of volume, the aerospace plastic consumption was 40.5 kilo tons in 2011, further expected to hit 87.8 kilo tons in 2018, rising at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2012 to 2018.

This report elaborates and analyzes the estimations and forecasts from consumption side in the aerospace plastics market. It provides a complete holistic picture of this market, the data involved for all segments on a regional level for the forecast period, as well as a comprehensive competitive landscape including market segmentation, geography, end-user, and company market share analysis.

To browse through the ToC or purchase the market report on Aerospace Plastics Market, please visit:

Aerospace plastic materials fall under the category of advanced composite materials often known for its efficient modulus of elasticity, heat/flame resistance, and other high-strength physical properties. These plastics are viable alternatives used in military, rotary, freighter planes, and general aviation planes as compared to other conventional materials including steel and aluminum and the inadequate benefits they offer for aviation performance.

Aerospace plastics are extensively used for production of a broad range of aircrafts’ components such as decks, cabins, empennages, cockpits, wings, airframes, rotor blades, and many more. Owing to their lightweight, yet state-of-the-art performance abilities, they are an ideal option leading to lowered production costs.

Some of the renowned key products of the aerospace plastics market include GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), and ARP (Aramid Reinforced Plastic). These product types and its different features have enabled the use of aerospace plastics in military, commercial, rotary and other aircraft applications, and have also enhanced an easy adoption in aircraft design as another characteristic in the aviation industry.

Get report sample PDF copy from here:

At present, the aerospace plastics constitutes 50% of the basic primary structures used in the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 commercial aircrafts. The implementation of aerospace plastics resources is likely to continue and increase in near future.

Other achievements observed in the aerospace plastics market include excellent strength to weight ratio, stability in the growth of the aviation industry, and rise in the adoption of aerospace plastics in airplane designs. These are some of the poised value-driven factors boosting the growth of this market. Nevertheless, the Greenpeace and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations imposed on the production of aerospace composite materials are posing a challenge for this market. These organizations implicate that high percentage of greenhouse gases have been monitored at the time of the production of aerospace plastics, which have eventually led us to the harm’s way, in terms of ozone layer depletion and other environmental problems. Furthermore, the high costs of raw materials, for instance PAN (Polyacrylonitrile) needed to produce plastics act as a barrier for the growth of this market too.

Related Reports:

Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI) Market:

Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) Market:

This study report includes a complete analysis of four key end-user segments including the study of commercial aircrafts segment that accounted for 72% of market share in 2011. This end-user segment was then followed by rotary aircrafts, military aircrafts, and other general aviation planes segments. Of all the main segments, fuselage was the chief application segment in the market for aerospace plastics. It accounted for over 28% of market share in 2011. In addition, empennage, flight deck, wings, and cabin areas are other key application segments analyzed in this study.


Sheela AK

90 Sate Street, Suite 700

Albany, NY 12207

Tel: +1-518-618-1030

USA/Canada Toll Free: 866-552-3453

Email: sales(at)transparencymarketresearch(dot)com


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Horizon A Mathematical Mystery Tour

Horizon A Mathematical Mystery Tour

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mathematicians have created some powerful tools for analyzing reality. Factorial math is one of those tools, this video uses a simple example to explain fact…

Florida Polytechnic Officially Opens with LAUNCH Celebration

Lakeland, FL (PRWEB) August 17, 2014

Florida Polytechnic University is now officially open and ready to welcome its Inaugural Class. Florida’s newest state university held a public LAUNCH Celebration on Saturday to commemorate its grand opening and the completion of the iconic Innovation, Science and Technology (IST) Building.

Florida Polytechnic leaders, Governor Rick Scott, and more than 1,000 supporters and new students gathered to experience the state-of-the art University up-close for the first time. A formal ceremony was followed by an actual launch – a vivid pyrotechnics display showered a campus lake adjacent to the IST Building.

“I’m grateful to all of the special guests and supporters who have joined us to celebrate the launch of Florida’s next great university,” said Florida Polytechnic President Dr. Randy K. Avent. “What’s truly remarkable about Florida Polytechnic is that every single component of it, including the cutting-edge IST Building, has been designed around our mission – to prepare students to become innovative problem solvers and high-tech professionals.”

Dedicated exclusively to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Florida Polytechnic’s approach to learning emphasizes real-world problem-solving, work experience, applied research and business leadership opportunities through industry partnerships.

Leaders from across the state were on-hand to celebrate the new University, including Governor Rick Scott, Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam, Representative Seth McKeel, Governor Wendy Link of the Florida Board of Governors and former Florida Senator J.D. Alexander.

Governor Scott said, “I would like to congratulate Florida Polytechnic University on becoming Florida’s 12th public university. Florida Polytechnic University’s strong focus on STEM education and its dedication to helping students graduate with the skills they will need to get a great job will play a key role in creating jobs for the next generation in Florida. A highly skilled workforce will ensure that companies in Florida will be able to grow.”

Saturday’s LAUNCH Celebration followed PIVOT, a philanthropic gala on Friday evening, which generated more than $ 3.6 million to support scholarships for Florida Polytechnic University’s Inaugural Class.

“We are grateful to those who so generously supported our Inaugural Scholarship campaign,” said Cindy Alexander, Chair of the University’s Foundation Board, which hosted the event. “Their gifts are not only an investment in the many talented students who have chosen to attend Florida Polytechnic University, but also a commitment to further developing the high-tech sector of our State’s economy.”

Both PIVOT and LAUNCH took place in and around the University’s cornerstone structure.

The IST building’s noted architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava also participated in the LAUNCH Ceremony. Calatrava, world-renowned for his stunning feats of modern architecture, shared his inspiration for the IST Building.

“I am honored to have been involved in this project dedicated to the study of science, technology, engineering and math – a set of subjects so crucial to our society and our economy. I am proud of what we have all achieved and I hope the young people that study here will be inspired to be creative and to meet their potential,” Calatrava said. “Working with the visionary university leadership and amongst the enthusiastic Lakeland community has been a privilege and I wish everyone associated with this project the best of luck in coming years.”

A moveable and functional work of art, the 162,000-square-foot, white domed IST Building features a distinctive louvered roof system that adjusts with the sun’s angle and is surrounded by a ring of curved metal pergolas that shade its outer terrace and walkways.

It houses classrooms, auditoriums, administrative offices, common areas and a number of cutting-edge laboratories, including a Supercomputer and Student Data Center, a Visualization and Technology Collaboration (VTC) Lab, and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Makerspace Lab with 3D printing capabilities.

Construction of the IST Building took 28 months and was completed by Skanska USA. Headquartered in New York, Skanska USA is one of the largest construction and development companies in the country with expertise in construction, civil infrastructure, public-private partnerships and commercial development initiatives in select U.S. markets.

“Welcome to the cathedral of learning,” said Chuck Jablon, vice president of operations at Skanska. “If you’re a builder, this is what you dream about doing in your career. You think about it at nighttime, you think about it coming into work – it doesn’t leave you.”

With the IST Building and residence hall complete, Florida Polytechnic is now ready to welcome students for the inaugural day of classes on August 25, 2014. The University will offer six undergraduate degree programs with 19 unique areas of concentration and two masters degree programs in the College of Engineering and the College of Innovation and Technology.

“I’m awed by how much Florida Polytechnic has been able to accomplish in a little more than two years. The team has literally built a university from scratch, and today is a culmination of those efforts,” said outgoing Board Chair Rob Gidel. “I’m proud of everyone involved – from campus construction to curriculum development – and I can’t wait to watch our students and our state reap the benefits.”

Contact: Crystal L. Lauderdale, Dir. Marketing and Communications


(813) 728-4294

About Florida Polytechnic University: Florida Polytechnic University is the state’s 12th public university and the newest member of the State University System of Florida. Dedicated exclusively to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the University blends applied research with industry partnerships to give students an academically rigorous education with real-world relevance. The campus, located in Lakeland, Fla. along the I-4 High Tech Corridor, opens for classes on Aug. 25, 2014.


Admissions Microsite:





Electronic Media Kit:


LAUNCH Photos: (caption information below)

Photo Caption Information:

Photo 3: (L-R) University President Dr. Randy K. Avent, Chief Operating Officer Ava L. Parker, Provost Ghazi Darkazalli, Immediate Past Board of Trustees Chair Robert H. Gidel and the Florida Polytechnic Board of Trustees launch Florida’s newest university dedicated exclusively to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Photo 4: Governor Rick Scott

Photo 6: Dr. Santiago Calatrava, IST Building Architect

Photo 7: Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam

Photo 14: Florida Polytechnic University Chief Operating Officer Ava L. Parker

Photo 15: Florida Polytechnic University Chief Operating Officer Ava L. Parker

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An Evening with Lonestar to Fund Jackson Christian Scholarships

Jackson, Tenn. (PRWEB) August 30, 2014

Building on the success of last year’s sold-out scholarship event, Jackson Christian will host An Evening with Lonestar on Thursday, Oct. 9 at a beautiful, private venue in Jackson. Presented by FROGGY 104.1, the event will begin at 6 p.m. and will include a silent auction, private reception, dinner and Lonestar performance. Individuals may secure limited sponsorship seating by calling 731-668-8055 or emailing Chris Ramey at chris(dot)ramey(at)jcseagles(dot)org.

Known for country roots, strong melodies and rich vocals, Lonestar has sold more than 10 million albums and achieved 10 No. 1 country hits, including “No News,” “Come Crying To Me” and the crossover smash, “Amazed.” They received 1999 ACM Single of The Year for “Amazed” (which also won Song of the Year) and the 2001 CMA Vocal Group of the Year.

Their third album, 1999’s Lonely Grill, was certified multi-platinum in the U.S. and Canada. Lonely Grill yielded three more No. 1 country hits: “Smile,” “Tell Her” and “What About Now.” The 2001 release, I’m Already There, topped the country album charts, as did From There To Here: The Greatest Hits, which produced No. 1 single, “My Front Porch Looking In.”

Sponsorships for An Evening with Lonestar include event and program recognition, event seating, passes for a private reception, photos/autographed items and priority parking, depending upon level. For more information about helping Jackson Christian fund scholarships or other projects, individuals can email Ramey at chris(dot)ramey(at)jcseagles(dot)org or call 731-668-8055.

Founded in 1976, Jackson Christian is a private college preparatory school located in Jackson, Tenn. With an enrollment of more than 830 students, Jackson Christian offers TSSAA Division I athletics, fine arts and a 21st Century Digital Learning Initiative, bringing iPad technology to all grade levels. Jackson Christian is fully accredited by AdvancED through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Christian School Association. More information is available at or on Facebook.

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IRA Trusts White Paper: Protect Your IRA

Troy, MI (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

“Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court* held that funds from an inherited IRA are not protected under bankruptcy — a ruling that will have a significant impact on how you designate your IRA beneficiaries.” says Leon LaBrecque, JD, CPA, CFP, CFA. Leon is also the Chief Strategist and founder of LJPR, a firm managing $ 655 million** in assets. Leon has written a comprehensive White Paper, outlining both the new ruling and some solutions to the problems it has created.

“In creating an IRA, you have two Concerns: The first concern is to protect the IRA from the whims of the beneficiary. The second concern that has now been created with this ruling is that the creditors of the beneficiary can get to the IRA funds,” continues LaBrecque. “One way to protect and control an IRA for your non-spouse beneficiaries is to set up a separate trust known as an IRA beneficiary trust, or spendthrift trust.”

“IRA trusts can provide spendthrift protection and protect against lawsuits, general creditors and poor financial decisions of the beneficiary. The IRA trust can mandate required minimum distributions only (unless the trustee determines otherwise). These special trusts can also provide extra protection and control of the IRA for the benefit of a disabled beneficiary,” says LaBrecque.

“There are three options for designating beneficiaries of an IRA: Straight Beneficiary Designation, Revocable Trust and an IRA Trust,” says LaBrecque. “Our White Paper has a detailed FAQ section and discusses Roth IRAs vs. Taxable IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified plans and how the IRA Trust works in your estate plan.”

Leon C. LaBrecque is the managing partner and founder of LJPR, LLC, an independent wealth management firm located in Troy, Michigan that manages $ 655 million in assets (as of 5/30/2014). Leon is a practicing attorney, CPA, CFP® and CFA that has specialized in servicing individuals, families, and small businesses in the areas of financial, estate, and tax planning for over 32 years. LaBrecque’s extensive career includes previous work at Arthur Andersen, Plante Moran, and as the Department Chair of Finance and Economics at Walsh College where he created the Master of Science in Finance program. He has also authored several proprietary retirement planning programs for CalPERS, the states of Montana, and Washington, and corporate clients including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Lucent, and AT&T, among others. LaBrecque’s specialties include investment management for foundations and non-profit organizations, financial planning for automotive employees and retirees, and retirement planning for police officers and firefighters. Leon LaBrecque’s direct e-mail is leon.labrecque(at)ljpr(dot)com. For an interview with Leon, call Josephine at 734.385.6170.

*Clark v. Rameker, No. 13-299 (U.S. 6/12/14), aff ’g 714 F. 3d 559 (7th Cir. 2013)

**As of May 30, 2014.

Press Contact:

Josephine Dries, 734.385.6170


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