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RENU 28 Featured in Dozens of Major Media Publications

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) December 31, 2014

Trish notes that increased media attention will provide impetus for continued significant growth of the ASEA business in 2015. Media outreach initiatives have allowed ASEA, manufacturer of the world’s first and only redox signaling technology, to build relationships with various media outlets to spread ASEA’s company message in a very effective way. The information released to the media during these campaigns encourages brand awareness, educates the public, and provides third-party validation from well-known publications.

Recently, ASEA released an article titled, “Healthy, radiant skin starts below the surface,” which appears in major publications such as LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and CBS 7 in Texas.

To date, the release has 1,066 online placements to a potential audience of over 41 million.

Below you can find an example link of the media placements:

LA Times

Trish Schwenkler, president and co-owner of Our Global Home Business Boise, ID, has been an expert in the wellness field for over 25 years. Trish is an Independent Associate of ASEA, LLC.

ASEA, LLC is the world’s one and only manufacturer of Redox Signaling molecule products and is located in Salt Lake City, UT.

For more information visit Our Global Home Business.

New Technique for Bioengineering Stem Cells Shows Promise in HIV Resistance

Sacramento, Calif. (PRWEB) December 22, 2014

Using modified human stem cells, a team of UC Davis scientists has developed an improved gene therapy strategy that in animal models shows promise as a functional cure for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. The achievement, which involves an improved technique to purify populations of HIV-resistant stem cells, opens the door for human clinical trials that were recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“We have devised a gene therapy strategy to generate an HIV-resistant immune system in patients,” said Joseph Anderson, principal investigator of the study and assistant professor of internal medicine. “We are now poised to evaluate the effectiveness of this therapy in human clinical trials.”

Anderson and his colleagues modified human stem cells with genes that resist HIV infection and then transplanted a near-purified population of these cells into immunodeficient mice. The mice subsequently resisted HIV infection, maintaining signs of a healthy immune system.

The findings are now online in a paper titled “Safety and efficacy of a tCD25 pre-selective combination anti-HIV lentiviral vector in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells,” and will be published in the journal Stem Cells.

Using a viral vector, the researchers inserted three different genes that confer HIV resistance into the genome of human hematopoietic stem cells – cells destined to develop into immune cells in the body. The vector also contains a gene which tags the surface of the HIV-resistant stem cells. This allows the gene-modified stem cells to be purified so that only the ones resistant to HIV infection are transplanted. The stem cells were then delivered into the animal models, with the genetically engineered human stem cells generating an HIV-resistant immune system in the mice.

The three HIV-resistant genes act on different aspects of HIV infection – one prevents HIV from exposing its genetic material when inside a human cell; another prevents HIV from attaching to target cells; and the third eliminates the function of a viral protein critical for HIV gene expression. In combination, the genes protect against different HIV strains and provide defense against HIV as it mutates.

After exposure to HIV infection, the mice given the bioengineered cells avoided two important hallmarks of HIV infection: a drop in human CD4+ cell levels and a rise in HIV virus in the blood. CD4+ is a glycoprotein found on the surface of white blood cells, which are an important part of the normal immune system. CD4+ cells in patients with HIV infection are carefully monitored by physicians so that therapies can be adjusted to keep them at normal level: If levels are too low, patients become susceptible to opportunistic infections characteristic of AIDS. In the experiments, mice that received the genetically engineered stem cells and infected with two different strains of HIV were still able to maintain normal CD4+ levels. The mice also showed no evidence of HIV virus in their blood.

Although other HIV investigators had previously bioengineered stem cells to be resistant to HIV and conducted clinical trials in human patients, efforts were stymied by technical problems in developing a pure population of the modified cells to be transplanted into patients. During the process of genetic engineering, a significant percentage of stem cells remain unmodified, leading to poor resistance when the entire population of modified cells is transplanted into humans or animal models. In the current investigation, the UC Davis team introduced a “handle” onto the surface of the bioengineered cells so that the cells could be recognized and selected. This development achieved a population of HIV-resistant stem cells that was greater than 94 percent pure.

“Developing a technique to purify the population of HIV-resistant stem cells is the most important breakthrough of this research,” said Anderson, whose laboratory is based at the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures. “We now have a strategy that shows great promise for offering a functional cure for the disease.”

A “functional” cure of HIV means that the virus is no longer detectable in the blood and the patient has no signs or symptoms of the disease. Viruses may still be hiding in cells in the body, but it is believed they are no longer causing harm. This line of research is inspired by the so-called “Berlin patient,” a man who was HIV-positive and developed acute myeloid leukemia, requiring a stem cell transplant involving complete replacement of his immune system. The donor supplying the stem cells had a mutation known to resist HIV infection. Since undergoing the transplant, the Berlin patient has been free of disease despite being off antiretroviral therapy.

The new cellular therapy method was also found to be safe: at six months, no signs of toxicity or tumor formation were found, and the animal models provided with the genetically modified cells appeared to generate a normal immune system. For the upcoming human clinical trials, the stem cells will be autologous – taken from the bone marrow of a patient’s own body, which avoids the common transplantation risk of rejection.

Other study authors are Sharlie Barclay, Yimin Yang, Siruo Zhang, Ryan Fong, Alfonso Barraza, Mehrdad Abedi, Jan Nolta and Gerhard Bauer, all of the UC Davis Department of Internal Medicine, and Bruce Torbett, who is affiliated with the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.

The research was supported by the James B. Pendleton Charitable Trust and the Campbell Foundation.

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Call for Entries: The 2015 DuPont Challenge Competition

Wilmington, Del. (PRWEB) November 13, 2014

Inspiring the next generation of innovators at the forefront of scientific discovery has been a goal of The DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition for the past 29 years.

This year, The DuPont Challenge is pleased to announce a new division and expanded grade levels: the new Elementary Division is open to students in grades K-5, the Junior Division is now open to students in grades 6-8, and the Senior Division is now open to students in grades 9-12, from across the United States, Canada and U.S. Territories.

The DuPont Challenge encourages students to develop a better understanding and passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by researching and writing an informative essay offering solutions to today’s challenges regarding food, energy, protection and innovation, or a story on a science discovery.

“The increase in population, a growing global middle class and finite natural resources are challenges that we believe can be solved through collaborative science,” said Karen A. Fletcher, vice president of DuPont Engineering, Facilities Services & Real Estate and Chief Engineer. “Solvers have such a critical role in the work we do globally. And it is through programs like The DuPont Challenge that we can help inspire tomorrow’s cutting-edge solvers.”

The Elementary Division (grades K-5) asks teachers to help their students explore STEM topics in a classroom-based challenge that gives students the chance to participate in a creative, inquiry-based exploration. The challenges are based on the Next Generation Science Standards and ask students to research, observe, analyze, interpret and communicate creatively. Together, the teachers and students will show their imagination and originality by writing a science story about what they discovered. Submissions are accepted from Nov. 1, 2014, to March 1, 2015.

More than $ 50,000 in prizes and awards for the winning students, teachers and schools are offered in the Elementary Division. Awards include a Science Is Fun Day assembly for the winning classroom, as well as educational materials and science resources from Britannica Digital Learning, Science Weekly and Carolina Biological Supply. The winning teacher in each grade also will receive an expenses-paid trip to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference in 2016.

All students in the Junior and Senior Divisions (grades 6-12) may submit a 700–1,000-word essay, from Nov. 15, 2014, to Jan. 31, 2015, addressing one of the following four categories:

    Together, we can feed the world.
    Together, we can build a secure energy future.
    Together, we can protect people and the environment.
    Together, we can be innovative anywhere.

The DuPont Challenge offers more than $ 100,000 in prizes and awards for the Junior and Senior Divisions. The top three winners in each division, plus a parent and sponsoring teacher, receive an expenses-paid trip to the Walt Disney World® Resort and an exclusive tour of the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Fla. In addition, winning students receive a savings bond and sponsoring teachers receive an expenses-paid trip to the NSTA national conference in 2016. All winners receive digital reference materials from Britannica Digital Learning and the NBC Learn Science Collection for both their personal use and for their entire school.

For more information including official rules, entry forms and award details about the Elementary Division, please visit and for the Junior and Senior Divisions, please visit

The 2015 DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition is sponsored by DuPont in collaboration with A+ Media, Britannica Digital Learning, Carolina Biological Supply, NASA, Turnitin and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit

# # #


Walt Disney World® is a registered trademark of Walt Disney Company.

PR News’ Google Conference & Writing Workshop are February 10-11 in CA; Leaders from Google, Human Rights Campaign & Finn Partners to Speak

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 31, 2014

PR News has developed an intensive full-day conference for communications and PR professionals seeking a foundational grasp of Google’s capabilities. The PR News Google Conference, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco on February 11, 2015, is programmed to be an educational springboard for PR practitioners and communicators who are looking to leverage Google for their brand. Starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m., this focused training will provide critical tools, strategies and insights that communicators need to take their Google efforts to the next level in today’s communications environment. The early bird rate ends January 22, 2015.

More Information on the Google Conference here:

On February 10, the day before the Google Conference, a Writing Workshop for communicators will take place from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Participants will learn and practice the skills needed to be a good PR writer and create appealing content for a variety of channels. Writing Workshop attendees will also learn how to avoid bad writing habits and using clichéd language that can dull the impact of their content.

View the Full Writing Workshop Agenda here:

Google Conference and Writing Workshop Trainers Include:

    Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate, Google
    Barry Reicherter, Partner, Digital Insights, Finn Partners
    Angie Larsen, Senior Manager of Corporate Relations, USANA Health Sciences
    Anastasia Khoo, Director of Marketing, Human Rights Campaign
    Allan Gungormez, AVP of Digital Marketing, Transamerica
    Kevin Dando, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Communications, PBS
    Christopher Penn, Vice President, Marketing Technologies, SHIFT Communications
    Andrew Hindes, President, The In-House Writer
    Joie Healy, Senior Manager of Social Media Communications, Cisco
    View the complete list of trainers here:

PR News’ Digital PR Advisory Board assisted in the development of the Google Conference. Each provided first-hand insights into the must-learn topics for PR and comunications professionals. Members include:

    Danny Olson, Director, Digital, Weber Shandwick
    Rachael Horwitz, Director, Communications, Twitter
    Kevin Dando, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Communications, PBS
    Ben Shields, Lecturer in Managerial Communication, MIT Sloan School of Management
    Monte Lutz, Global Head of PR, Activision
    Krisleigh Hoermann, Director of Operations/Digital and Social Media Consultant, American Heart Association/American Stroke Association
    Joie Healy, Senior Manager Social Media Communications, Cisco Systems

A hotel room block is available at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco through January 19, 2015. Book your room online today here:

The PR News Google Conference and Writing Workshop are information-packed events that are sure to sell out weeks in advance. Register now at The early bird rate ends January 22.

For questions regarding this conference, contact PR News’ Laura Snitkovskiy at laura(at)accessintel(dot)com. For sponsorship information, contact PR News Senior Vice President & Group Publisher Diane Schwartz at dschwartz(at)accessintel(dot)com

PR News is a daily intellectual hub that serves the communications and marketing community at corporations, agencies and nonprofits. The PR News Group focuses on honing and growing PR practitioners’ skills in social media, crisis management, digital PR, measurement, employee relations, media training, CSR and writing through its flagship newsletter, webinars, conferences, awards programs, workshops and guidebooks. With the launch of its weekly newsletter over 70 years ago, PR News has remained dedicated to supporting the growth of communicators all while keeping them abreast of the latest news affecting the industry. For more information, please visit

UAE Opens First Indoor Golf Facility Featuring HD Golf

Vaughan, ON (PRWEB) December 30, 2014

Performance Golf, the United Arab Emirates’ first premiere indoor golf facility, opened its doors in November and is already achieving much success. The facility combines state-of-the-art technology, including High Definition Golf™ simulators, and world-class coaching to provide its members with a unique golf experience that will help take their game to the next level.

“At Performance Golf, it’s important for us to use the best technology,” says Travis Bundus, General Manager of Performance Golf. “Our top-of-the-line HD Golf™ simulator uses real high definition imagery and GIS data of actual courses to replicate the true feeling of playing the course. There’s nothing like it except the course itself.”

In addition to the incredible accuracy and realism of the HD Golf™ simulator, they come equipped with integrated training aids including diagnostic tools for shot analysis, video swing analysis, weight transfer/balance and motion analysis, as well as feature-rich tools for precision club fitting and equipment comparison.

Coupled with first-rate instruction using highly technical and skilled methods of teaching the game in a controlled environment, Performance Golf is dedicated to helping golfers improve their game.

“Whether your goal is to perfect your swing, add distance to your drive, lower your handicap, or tighten your short game, our instructors can help,” says Bundus. “There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing our customers enhance their golf game.”

“Performance Golf is a great facility for serious golfers and novices alike,” says Todd Richardson, President & CEO of High Definition Golf™. “Our high quality simulators allow the beginner golfer to discover the joy of the game, in addition to allowing advanced golfers to analyze and tweak every part of their shot.”

About High Definition Golf™

High Definition Golf™, the world’s best golf simulator, pioneered computer vision technology in the virtual golf simulation industry. Spectacular photo-realistic capabilities capture the true beauty of some of the world’s most renowned golf courses. For instruction, HD Golf™ offers a fully integrated professional golf instruction studio. The system generates a variety of customizable performance reports that golfers may access online. Very easy-to-use, these professional-grade tools operate seamlessly from a single computer system. This has made HD Golf™ simulators a favorite in luxury homes, indoor golf centers, golf course clubhouses, recreation centers, luxury hotels & resorts. For more information, visit Be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

About Performance Golf UAE

Performance Golf is a world class facility in Abu Dhabi with the primary objective of bringing the enjoyment of golf to all skill levels and is committed to providing a cost effective, time efficient, climate controlled golfing experience. Performance Golf is Located in the Mubadala International Tennis Stadium within Zayed Sports City. To learn more, visit

For media inquiries contact: Soulla Lindo, Marketing Director, Soulla(at)hdgolf(dot)com

For sales inquiries contact: sales(at)HDgolf(dot)com

Company: Interactive Sports Technologies Inc. 1-866-323-0095

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Mature Services Wins Coveted BBB Charity Seal

Akron, OH (PRWEB) December 23, 2014

Mature Services, Inc. is proud to announce that our BBB Charity Seal agreement has been approved. This seal means that Mature Services has met the BBB Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability. These standards were developed to assist donors in making sound giving decisions and to foster public confidence in charitable organizations. The Standards seek to encourage fair and honest solicitation practices, to promote ethical conduct by charitable organizations and to advance support of philanthropy.

“We are pleased to have received this designation,” said Linda Valentine, President/CEO of Mature Services. “People are necessarily concerned that when they make a contribution to an organization it will be used wisely, and this is just one more way to show people that we put the money we receive to good use. We believe strongly in transparency, and we have posted five years’ worth of our annual reports and yearly audits, and even our federal 990’s on our website,” she added. “Anyone who wants to learn more about us is invited to go to our website or visit our local headquarters.”

Next year on August 6, Mature Services will be celebrating their 40th anniversary. Founded in 1975 as a senior citizen program, it has since become an independent, nationally respected organization with offices throughout the state. “Our mission is to provide high-quality programs to empower the economic, social, physical and mental well-being of older adults as they age,” explained Valentine, “and over the years as the needs of the population we serve have grown, so have we.” Mature Services currently offers employment and training programs, home delivered and congregate meals, homecare services, integrated addiction and mental health services, and volunteer opportunities.

Mature Services, Inc. headquarters is located at 415 S. Portage Path, Akron, Ohio. For more information on Mature Services programs go to . To read the BBB Charity Report go to

Mature Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.

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SPIE Digital Library Now Available to High Schools, Two-Year Colleges at No or Low Cost

BELLINGHAM, Washington, USA (PRWEB) November 23, 2014

One of the most extensive, widely cited digital libraries in the dynamic field of optics and photonics is now available to high school and junior college students and faculty at no or very low cost. SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, announced today that it is making access to the complete SPIE Digital Library available to high schools for free and two-year colleges at a subsidized price.

“Light-based technologies are integral to all areas of life in today’s world,” said SPIE Director of Publications Eric Pepper. “Photonics enables applications such as communications, healthcare, community safety, entertainment, clean energy, and manufacturing, providing noninvasive diagnostic tools, food safety sensors, smartphone technology, and much more. These technologies will continue to drive countless innovations that will touch our lives in the future. So it is very gratifying to be able to provide information that will help inspire a new generation of scientists, engineers, and inventors, and help more young people achieve rewarding careers through which they can make a positive difference.”

The new program is aligned with the not-for-profit society’s mission to ensure affordable access to its publications to the greatest number of researchers possible, Pepper said.

SPIE also provides free or low cost SPIE Digital Library access to institutions in eligible countries through the INASP (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications) program, and to researchers in participating countries through the eJDS (electronics Journals Delivery Service) program of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP).

The SPIE Digital Library contains more than 420,000 articles from SPIE journals and proceedings, as well as more than 200 eBooks. Abstracts are freely searchable, and an increasing number of full articles in the society’s 10 peer-reviewed journals are published with open access. Approximately 18,000 new research papers, eBooks, and other publications are added each year.

Subsidized pricing for two-year colleges for the SPIE Digital Library and eBooks will be US$ 995 for a 12-month subscription, Pepper said.

About SPIE

SPIE is the international society for optics and photonics, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. The Society serves nearly 256,000 constituents from approximately 155 countries, offering conferences, continuing education, books, journals, and a digital library in support of interdisciplinary information exchange, professional networking, and patent precedent. SPIE provided more than $ 3.2 million in support of education and outreach programs in 2013.



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