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American Specialty Health Fitness and the Silver&Fit Program Announce Agreement with Senior Fitness, Inc.

San Diego, Calif. (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

American Specialty Health Fitness has established an agreement with Senior Fitness, Inc. to endorse its fall prevention class for the Silver&Fit® exercise and healthy aging program.

Senior Fitness, headquartered in Penfield, New York, is dedicated to providing seniors with vital, life-enhancing health and fitness information. Their goal is to educate older adults about the benefits of physical fitness and fall prevention. Senior Fitness serves thousands of people across the nation.

“By teaching older adults proper stretching, exercise and balance techniques to prevent falls, seniors can potentially reduce injuries and fear, improving their own sense of emotional well-being,” said Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter, founder and a former Olympic diving coach. Her research regarding balance has covered every age group, from infants in the water to pre-school children, the elite Olympic athlete and older adults.

Dr. Perkins-Carpenter has devoted more than 50 years to the development of her unique Six-Step Balance System™ to improve and maintain the quality of life for seniors. The Six-Step Balance System is an evidenced-based program that utilizes repetitive practice of a series of movements and simple exercises, such as the “Stretching in Bed” and “Dancing with a Pillow,” to help older adults gain better balance.

“The goal of the Silver&Fit program is to raise awareness that exercise can not only improve overall health, but also improve balance to reduce falls and injuries,” said Silver&Fit Vice President Brett Hanson. “We’re excited to endorse the Six-Step Balance System taught by Senior Fitness.”

Since 2007, the Silver&Fit program has offered fitness and health education activities for health plans and their Medicare-eligible members and group retirees who join the program. The Silver&Fit program provides eligible members with a fully or partially subsidized fitness membership through a broad network of over 11,000 contracted fitness facilities nationwide, including national chains and YMCAs, as well as smaller, local community exercise centers.

Silver&Fit instructors seeking to teach Senior Fitness fall prevention or organizations wishing to provide fall prevention classes may contact Master Trainer Sharon Claye at (844) 278-6732.

About Senior Fitness, Inc.

Hailed as “America’s Ambassador to Senior Fitness,” Dr. Perkins-Carpenter has addressed the White House Conference on Aging, and was inducted into the Healthy American Fitness Leaders. She also was appointed as a consultant to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition and is the author of two best-selling books, How to Prevent Falls and The Fun of Fitness, and the guide Stretching in Bed. For more information, visit howtopreventfalls.com or email Dr. Perkins-Carpenter at bpc(at)senior-fitness(dot)com.

About the Silver&Fit Exercise & Healthy Aging Program

The Silver&Fit® program is an exercise and healthy aging program providing unique fitness and health education activities for Medicare beneficiaries and group retirees. Silver&Fit members have access to: no-cost or low-cost memberships at a participating, contracted fitness club or exercise center, or to the Silver&Fit Home Exercise program for those who prefer or need to work out at home; SilverandFit.com, a website providing health tools and resources specifically designed for older adults; The Silver Slate® newsletter; and a toll-free customer service hotline. For more information, visit http://www.ASHCompanies.com or call 800-848-3555. Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/SilverandFit, YouTube at Youtube.com/silverandfit, Pinterest at Pinterest.com/silverandfit, Twitter at @SilverandFit and Instagram at @SilverandFit. The Silver&Fit program is a product of American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH).

About American Specialty Health

American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH) is one of the nation’s premier independent and privately-owned specialty health services organizations, providing specialty health care networks and programs, fitness and exercise programs and population health solutions for health plans, insurance carriers and employer groups. Operating from offices in San Diego, Calif., Southlake (Dallas), Texas, Carmel (Indianapolis), Ind., and Columbia, S.C., ASH has more than 1,200 employees and administers services for more than 34 million members nationwide. Additional products offered through ASH and its subsidiaries include Healthyroads®, FitnessCoach™, Active&Fit®, ExerciseRewardsTM and others. For more information about ASH, visit ASHCompanies.com or call 800-848-3555. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter at @ASHCompanies.

Easy Science Projects Best in Physics Chemistry Lab Institute

New Course Modules Launched

Maxlabs has redesigned the program for junior class students.

In the initial version the course was designed keeping in mind the needs of students from class 6th onwards but on demands & suggestions of franchisees, the company divided the labs program into three divisions:

Junior labs for class 3rd to 5th
Intermediate labs for class 6th -8th
Seniors labs for class 9th & 10th

Each division was meticulously designed keeping in view the understanding level of kids and the company tried to take most of its projects related to regular course curriculum followed by NCERT & other boards. All the programs follow the ideology of MaxMind to keep the programs interesting and simple.

Science Labs – Benefits of Hands-on Learning

Teachers who embrace hands-on learning in science seem to recognize certain desirable outcomes and endorse student-centred instructional approaches.

Research has confirmed many of the seemingly intuitive benefits of hands-on learning and has also documented a variety of unanticipated benefits. But what effects of hands-on learning are seen by advocates as most important or valuable?

Students in a hands-on science program will remember the material better, feel a sense of accomplishment when the task is completed, and be able to transfer that experience easier to other learning situations. When more than one method of learning is accessed as in hands-on learning, the information has a better chance of being stored in the memory for useful retrieval. Students who have difficulty in the learning arena for reasons of ESL barriers, auditory deficiencies, or behavioural interference can be found to be on task more often because they are part of the learning process and not just spectators.
Justifying why you would use hands-on science is based on all the research and methods studies that are current. They support the notion of multi-faceted bombardment of information and experiences so that the retention level is improved. Students who are involved in labs and activities are empowered in their own learning process.
The benefits of hands-on-learning in my school revolves around those children who are either not as academically “talented” or have not shown “interest” in school. This method tends to stimulate these type [of] students into participating and eventually absorbing information that we believe they would not get from “normal” show-me – tell-me methods.
The most important benefit to student is that although it requires a great deal of preparation time, once a system is developed, hands-on teaching makes teaching fun.
I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand

Without this approach students must rely on memory and abstract thought, two methods which restrict learning in most students. By actually doing and experiencing science, students develop their critical thinking skills as well as discover scientific concepts. This self discovery stays with students throughout their lifetimes while memory fades.

If students are not doing hands-on science, they are not doing science. Science is a process and if students are not actively engaged in the process, they are not doing science. Most science classes in elementary school teach the vocabulary of science and nothing else.

Study after study has shown the value of hands-on learning. Students are motivated, they learn more, even their reading skills improve.

Learning by well-planned activities and experiences in a well engineered program is a quality instructional approach. It:
causes students to rely on the evidence instead of upon authority (encyclopaedia, minister, doctor, text, teacher, parent). Most students live in an authoritarian world with little or no opportunity to practice decision-making because nearly everyone tells students what to do and when to do it. We continually graduate students who do not yet have the ability to set up a simple experiment with controlled variables, collect and interpret evidence, or make correct interpretations based upon that evidence.
provides students with a similar set of experiences so everyone can participate in discussions on a level playing field regardless of their socio-economic status. In this way, special benefits are not awarded to those who, by virtue of their wealth or background, have a greater number of experiences under their belts.
forces student thinking by requiring interpretation of the observed events, rather than memorization of correct responses.
When a text or teacher tells students that plants need light to grow (an untruth) students simply memorize this without question and are hampered by the falsehood for a lifetime. However, when a student personally germinates seeds in the dark and finds that they grow taller than seeds grown in the light, it has irrefutable evidence from a personal experience that plants do not need light to grow. Because he now has evidence that light inhibits growth (which it does) he now has a chance of figuring out why plants in a house grow toward the light (cell growth of the lighted side of the stem is repressed while the unlighted side grows more, thus causing the stem to grow in such a manner as to aim the upper part of the plant toward the light which is necessary for growth after the stored food energy is used up.) This information seldom comes from texts or teachers , yet is a logical interpretation by 10 year old students if they conduct the experiments. It:
encourages questioning of the observed events and the resulting data. When students carry out their own experiments, they become very familiar with the events and the variables involved.
promotes cause and effect thinking.
reduces dependence upon authority. Practical experiences in generating hypotheses and planning experiments now, will make the students more independent later when they no longer have authorities standing by at every turn of their lives.

The importance of providing children with direct experiences with materials, objects, and phenomena is supported by experience and understanding of how learning takes place. While information can be remembered if taught through books and lectures, true understanding and the ability to use knowledge in new situations requires learning in which children study concepts in-depth, and over time and learning that is founded in direct experience. Therefore, the justification for hands-on learning is that it allows students to build understanding that is functional and to develop the ability to inquire themselves, in other words, to become independent learners.



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