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Latest Literature News

357/365 Fridge Literature [Warning: contains spoilers]
Image by t0msk
Some classic works of literature reduced to fridge poetry. This is what I do whilst I’m waiting for the toast to pop up or for the kettle to boil.

See notes for further details. Or not, if you’ve not read/seen Name Of The Rose and don’t want to know what happens.

Office Technology Checklist

Is your business growing and in need of more office space? Or perhaps you are remodelling your old office and want to update your look. If this is the case, you may want to think about updating your technology as well. Although it may require a little extra money and some more effort, having the right computers, cordless headsets, and other electronics can make your and your employees’ work easier and more convenient to do. If you are interested in updating your technology, here is a technology checklist that may help you.


Cordless headsets- Technology Checklist


Do you still use the same electronics you purchase ten years ago? Here are a few items you may want to bring into the times.

Computers- Not every computer is made alike. One may be able to run certain programs you need, while another may not have the capability. When you decide to purchase a computer, don’t choose one for how it looks. Find one that will be able to help you accomplish the work you must get done to be successful.
Cordless Headsets- Technology has come a long way. Once of the newest and most talked about advances is Bluetooth. With cordless headsets and Bluetooth, your employees will no longer be held down by wires and distance. They will be able to efficiently perform their work while conversing with and listening to customers through the headset.
Telephones- Once you have your cordless headsets, you must update your phone system so it is Bluetooth ready. Some phone systems simply need an adaptor to allow employees to switch quickly from their regular office phone to a headset. Other phone systems may come completely Bluetooth capable.
Security System- In order to protect your network and your employee information, it is important for you to update your security system as well. Consider using a two factor authentication system to keep track of who can and can not access pertinent information about your business.
Fax Machine- In today’s world, no one has time to wait for important information to be sent through regular snail mail, especially when it comes to businesses. If the information can not be scanned and sent in an email, it will most likely be faxed. Make sure your office has an updated fax machine capable of sending and retrieving important data.
Copier– Even though many companies have attempted to go green, copies of real paper are still needed each day in the office. Some copiers are better than others, producing more copies in less time. Certain copiers also can produce colour copies, which may be important to your business.

 Quality Cordless Headsets- If you are redesigning your corporate office, consider using this technology checklist to update your electronics. You may find using certain electronics, like new computers, fax machines, cordless headsets, and Bluetooth capable phones will allow your employees to become more efficient at work. They are also more likely to complete all the tasks assigned to them every day because they will have the technology available to help them.

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Latest Artificial Intelligence News

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Dawn of Artificial Intelligence: China to Test Exoskeletons
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