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Latest Literature News

357/365 Fridge Literature [Warning: contains spoilers]
Image by t0msk
Some classic works of literature reduced to fridge poetry. This is what I do whilst I’m waiting for the toast to pop up or for the kettle to boil.

See notes for further details. Or not, if you’ve not read/seen Name Of The Rose and don’t want to know what happens.

Office Technology Checklist

Is your business growing and in need of more office space? Or perhaps you are remodelling your old office and want to update your look. If this is the case, you may want to think about updating your technology as well. Although it may require a little extra money and some more effort, having the right computers, cordless headsets, and other electronics can make your and your employees’ work easier and more convenient to do. If you are interested in updating your technology, here is a technology checklist that may help you.


Cordless headsets- Technology Checklist


Do you still use the same electronics you purchase ten years ago? Here are a few items you may want to bring into the times.

Computers- Not every computer is made alike. One may be able to run certain programs you need, while another may not have the capability. When you decide to purchase a computer, don’t choose one for how it looks. Find one that will be able to help you accomplish the work you must get done to be successful.
Cordless Headsets- Technology has come a long way. Once of the newest and most talked about advances is Bluetooth. With cordless headsets and Bluetooth, your employees will no longer be held down by wires and distance. They will be able to efficiently perform their work while conversing with and listening to customers through the headset.
Telephones- Once you have your cordless headsets, you must update your phone system so it is Bluetooth ready. Some phone systems simply need an adaptor to allow employees to switch quickly from their regular office phone to a headset. Other phone systems may come completely Bluetooth capable.
Security System- In order to protect your network and your employee information, it is important for you to update your security system as well. Consider using a two factor authentication system to keep track of who can and can not access pertinent information about your business.
Fax Machine- In today’s world, no one has time to wait for important information to be sent through regular snail mail, especially when it comes to businesses. If the information can not be scanned and sent in an email, it will most likely be faxed. Make sure your office has an updated fax machine capable of sending and retrieving important data.
Copier– Even though many companies have attempted to go green, copies of real paper are still needed each day in the office. Some copiers are better than others, producing more copies in less time. Certain copiers also can produce colour copies, which may be important to your business.

 Quality Cordless Headsets- If you are redesigning your corporate office, consider using this technology checklist to update your electronics. You may find using certain electronics, like new computers, fax machines, cordless headsets, and Bluetooth capable phones will allow your employees to become more efficient at work. They are also more likely to complete all the tasks assigned to them every day because they will have the technology available to help them.

For more information on cordless headsets, please visit Corporate Telecommunications. We are the leadingdistributor of headsets, handsets, audio conferencing, call recording and voice and data installation equipment. Whether you are purchasing equipment for a national call center, a small sales staff, or for personal use, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. With over 3,000 products to choose from, next working day delivery on 98% of all orders, and superior customer service, you can count on us for all of your telecommunication needs.

Latest Artificial Intelligence News

Mycroft is the first ever open source artificial intelligence platform for
As we continue to see how Artificial Intelligence can make our lives easier including everything from natural language processing to self-driving cars, it was only a matter of time before the technology broke out of the private domain of large …
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Dawn of Artificial Intelligence: China to Test Exoskeletons
“Artificial intelligence will bring us into the second machine age, an age featuring exponential growth, and digitization and combined innovation,” said Tan Tieniu, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Academy of Sciences during the Brain-Inspired …
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Economics Tutors and More: How to Study Economics and See Results

Whether you’re majoring in economics, or are taking it as a prerequisite, it can be an intense course. But as intense as it is, it is also an extremely important course. Studying it helps you become a more aware and active participant in the global economy, as a producer and a consumer. In today’s political and economic landscape, knowledge is power, and college economics courses are designed to give you that knowledge to better understand the policies that shape things. In college economics courses, optimal study habits are necessary for comprehension and retention of the material at hand. If you’re currently enrolled in, or are thinking of enrolling in college economics courses, here are a few tips to help you study effectively and actually see results.

1) Using your syllabus as a guide, read the material ahead of time. When you attend a lecture, the material your professor goes over shouldn’t be new. By prepping before class and getting a jump on the material, you can better understand what your professor is actually talking about. This is a universal study habit that you should develop to better succeed in all of your courses, and is especially handy if you’re dealing with complex economic concepts. It goes without saying that you should be taking notes in class. Many professors recommend that students recopy their notes and fill in any missing info using the textbook. If you do this within eight hours after the lecture, you’re much more likely to absorb the material.

2) Speaking of your textbook, you should most definitely engage in active reading. That means you can’t just read your textbook like you would a novel. You really need to delve deeper into the information to help you understand the key concepts. Pay attention to headings, subheads, and bold words. They are there for a reason: to alert you that this is something you need to know. Don’t be afraid to take notes in the margins of your textbook, and underline/highlight important information.

3) When you’re all done reading the assigned chapters and have rewritten your noted, you should try to prepare your own written summaries of the chapters/units. This is another great method of active engagement. A simple way to do this is to write down the main points of each chapter section and then make a bulleted list of supporting points.

4) If you’ve done all of this, and still aren’t making any headway, contact college tutors. College tutors are dedicated to helping students who just can’t make the material stick. There is even online college tutoring out there that can work around even the busiest student’s schedule. In addition to an economics tutor, you can join a study group. Hearing what other students have to say about the material is often helpful, and can help you open your eyes to the material in a whole new way.

Best of luck with your economic course. Don’t give up and remember these tips when you’re having trouble getting a firm grasp on key concepts.

Newcastle Tutors offers college online tutoring services for university-level math and science courses. Our college tutors provide flexible scheduling and individual attention, ensuring the success of each and every student.

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High-fat diets linked to cognitive impairment in children

High-fat diets linked to cognitive impairment in children
The study used data from 150 participants in the FITKids study at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It correlated dietary information about participants' food consumption in a single 24-hour period with their performance in a test to …

Linking genes with actions, thanks to worms
This numerical data can then be linked to information from separate studies on the worms' genes and neuronal activity, to try to spot any associations between posture, neuronal activity and genes. Using such techniques to study the entire process of …
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BBC News has reported that two people associated with the data leak of the
Hackers, known as The Impact Team released data of about 32 million users of the AshleyMadison website. Avid Life Media, parent company to AshleyMadison is offering a C$ 500 000 (R 4 920 669.97) reward for any information on the hackers. According to …

Beginners And Forex Artificial Intelligence

There is always room for Forex trading in today’s modern day and age and this is why you can always rely on the Forex Artificial Intelligence when it comes to profit-making. Our technology is on the verge of improving drastically, as if it has not been able to do so yet, and this is how Forex AI or Forex Artificial Intelligence is pretty accurate as it is. Being able to decide on Forex matters within a short period of time can make or break your ability to make a profit in the end of the trading session and this is something that this kind of technology aims to help people with.

Regardless of who creates the programs when it comes to Forex Artificial Intelligence, these usually come with similar designs and functions. Not trying the program out before using it during an actual trade can be the difference that leads you to multiple losses instead of tremendously high profits. Before thinking about joining the Forex market, see to it that you have tried the free training sessions that are offered by several trading companies.

This is where some studying can really be beneficial especially if you are an amateur trader. The amount of investments that you make here should be an amount that you can cover. What is important in this case is that you do not lose sight of the human factor that comes with Forex trading.

It can be a relationship between the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen when it comes to Forex trading but whatever the currencies are, they are always traded in pairs. For buyers, currencies should be bought at a low price and then they could sell them off later on for a much higher value. This way, you can make a profit off of the trade. Currencies are somewhat similar to market shares.

The rule in this case is selling high and buying low. What you are looking at when trading currencies is the exchange rate. When you make a decision to buy or sell, consider the exchange rate. In this case, currencies allow economies to work. Basically, there is no problem with the economy if a currency’s value is rising.

It is the values of currencies that can tell whether or not the economies of countries are doing great. Usually, you can decide better if you considered several economic factors. Profits can be made in this kind of a trade but you need to consider these kinds of factors before deciding.

You can trade different kinds of currencies in pairs but most of the time, people trade off the kinds of currencies which are referred to as global currencies and these are the Euro, the US Dollar, the British Pound, and the Japanese Yen. In this case, trading is only done a pair at a time. There is room for profits and losses when it comes to the forex market.

Here is where there is no room for impulse especially since this involves a forex course and forex trading. Trading currencies is a really good way of earning some money on the side. You might be on the losing end of things if you do not learn about the forex market before participating in it. Money is easily earned in this trade if you are an advanced trader.

Thank you for reading about send money to india and foreign exchange.Obtain further advice on wire transfer and the subject of foreign exchange.

How To Get Help With Economics Home Work?

Economics helps you become a more aware and active participant in the global economy, as a producer and a consumer. In today’s political and economic landscape, knowledge is power, and college economics courses are designed to give you that knowledge to better understand the policies that frame things.

In college economics courses, optimal study habits are necessary for comprehension and retention of the material at hand. The students are asked to work on various assignments to prove their subject knowledge. Lack of time and unavailability of sufficient sources has been a problem to the students all the time. For each and every question the students have to search for the books and look into it to find the solutions which consume most of their valuable time and energy.

But students need not be frustrated anymore with their homework. Its not like those old days where there were hardly any other sources except the classroom teachers. Times have changed now, no more are we forced to run to pillar and posts to complete the economics homework. Now the economics homework help can be sought online itself. Classof1.coms Online tutoring for economics ( is a boon for all students across the globe who have been suffering all these days to find solutions. One can get the best of guidance from the best faculties from any part of the globe. This fantastic concept has made the subject easy to access and simple to understand.

Economics assignments/homework can be made simpler and trouble-free with, which provides a way out through its highly qualified tutors, available round the clock.

The tutors are well skilled to grant a high class support to profit all levels of students. The tutors make the students grasp the concept very well and direct them to complete their homework. Explanations for each and every problem will be made available.

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When we are ill and we have to take many bitter medicines we all some other time come up with a thought that how good it would be to get cured without medicine. Some people really have trouble in swallowing bitter medicine. Even the thought of bitter medicine brings an eerie feeling down our spine. Medicine are so bitter so is not liked by anyone be it a small kid or a grown up. Many people take medicine by dissolving it in water, some medicine come in sweet taste. Now a day’s small children medicine comes in variety of fruit taste. It makes the intake of medicine easy but eating a medicine is only sufficient to bring that eerie feeling.

 Many medicines are good in curing the ailment but many of them leave you with side effects. These side effects may harm your other organs or may bring bad effect. Like some medicine harms your hair in sense of loss of hair, some affect your completion, some your health and weight also. All these are side effect of medicine.Once in a while in life every one must have tasted the bitter taste of medicine. Be it young, old or a small kid all hate eating medicine and the reason is its bitter taste. If we start a search world wide we wont find a single person who like eating medicine. Even a single thought of eating medicine brings a chill down our spine and the reason is only one that is bitter in taste.

Children even have problems swallowing it.Here comes another sphere of biomedical science that treats you without any consumption of medicine. It is a very promising medical field that can treat many big ailments and problems. This sphere of medical science is known as physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is one and only branch of science that cures patients without any sort of medication. Physiotherapy works on the approach of exercise. The physiotherapist treats its patients with the help of exercise. Physiotherapist in Delhi care for getting you better and keep you moving. They not only treat you for your symptoms, but give you the knowledge you need to manage your illness, injury, or disability. Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and increasing the range of movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment/intervention and rehabilitation.

This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing of the person. There are numbers of physiotherapists in Delhi.There are various sub specialties in physiotherapy such as cardiovascular and pulmonary, clinical electrophysiology, geriatrics, integumentary, neurological, orthopedic, pediatrics, sports and women health related. The physiotherapists in Delhi are expert and specialized in all the above sub specialties. Physiotherapy in Delhi is specialized in clinical electrophysiology and neurological treatments. The physiotherapy treatment in Delhi is expertise in cardiovascular and pulmonary related treatments. The physiotherapists are expected to be physically fit and full of energy the reason behind is that they have to treat their patients with the help of hand movements and exercises and this all requires a lot of strength.


This article has been written and posted by a health advisor working at, who also provides free of cost consultancy to patients and advise to search and find, Physiotherapist in Delhi By visiting the site, patients can look for Physiotherapy in Delhi  and to get their proper treatment. Physiotherapy treatment in Delhi to get their proper treatment.

Smart technology by Samsung

Samsung has done it yet again! Its Smart TV is another leap in the world of consumer electronics, and just goes on to show why the company has been so instrumental in making a mark in this particular domain. To begin with, the Smart Hub feature is the ultimate in home entertainment, and allows the user to get the maximum out of the television. Essentially, the Smart TV is an LED TV, but thanks to the features, it seems a lot more. Features like Search All and Web Browser allow for finding TV-related content and information on the internet, besides facilitating sharing of movies, music and photos. The 3-inch Touch Control console gives a convenient access to all of the hi-tech features at the touch of a button, with a QWERTY keyboard and Dual View screen. Further, Samsung Apps and Social TV give access to a world of applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed, and also allow one to connect (blog and chat) with friends using websites like Facebook, Twitter and services like Google Talk, simultaneously while watching TV.

One can enjoy television broadcasts and movies in a true 3D environment with the Samsung Smart TV. Pictures seem to transcend the boundaries of the television, as the screen has been fabricated using the most advanced 3D imaging technology. One can also get the perfect 3D home entertainment experience with accessories like 3D active glasses, 3D contents like movies & games, and a 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player. Also, not only is the television great when it’s switched on, it is also quite phenomenal to look at when it’s switched off. The ‘One Design’ concept, that has been implemented to perfection in the Smart TV, brings one closer to the action, as the screen and ultra slim bezel are fused together to reduce the thickness and provide a sleek profile which goes well with all kinds of décor. To accentuate the style factor, the TV is framed with a super-narrow Silver Metal outline. One can also hang it on the wall with ease, since the design is also such that the TV is extremely light-weight.

Coming to the connectivity part, the AllShare technology allows for wireless connection with all kinds of compatible digital devices, to transfer and access movies, music and photos across varied platforms. One can also download the AllShare PC software so that the PC contents can be searched, streamed and played back on the TV. The High Definition Multimedia Interface inputs also allow for wired connectivity with up to four devices. Also, there is the Cinema Black feature which automatically adjusts the picture for the letterbox type effect, to give a feel of a movie theatre. Also, the Anynet feature allows for control of all compatible devices with a single remote, obviating the need for multiple remote controllers. One can even surf the internet, as a dedicated web browser has been embedded in the Smart TV, exclusively for this purpose.

For more information on Smart TV visit:

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Shazahn linked by her boss Bhandarkar

Also why not, following every the man call the attempt is Madhur Bhandarkar who be acknowledged for guarantee award charming presentation starting his important ladies. A sure Priyanka Chopra, Konkona Sen Sharma, Tabu, Bipasha Basu also Kangna Ranaut would promise for to. By outlook of amalgamation a best record resembling this, perform Shazahn sense resembling creature inside secure offers?

“Completely,” Shazahn bobs during accord now, “Madhur have forever described his women hence wonderfully in the movies. I be extremely youthful as I saying Tabu within CHANDNI BAR. I be completely sell at the movie smooth next also go on to observe it 5 periods. I resemble ‘smash, this is single remarkable movie’. It be hence wounding border, so actual. Present be so greatly to study starting the movie also the character by so a lot of sheet to it waiting on to live a vision trip for me. Next of way present be Priyanka in FASHION also I be bowled every more another time. It is once more single of my favorite’s movies. I feel affection for the way Madhur’s lettering observes a increase, drop also next increase once more.”

long-lasting to converse lovingly regarding her boss, Shazahn gushes, “He is a extremely smart director also identify closely what he needs. By start job on DIL TOH BACHCHA HAI JI, I identify to he is extremely fine recognized and have an ability of receiving an wonderful presentation away of you. Currently to I include jobbed by him, I include knowledgeable it opening give.”

apparently, present is fairly a few friendship to Shazahn is like with her boss.

“When Madhur is scheduled the positions, he preserve be observe furious jokes also creation the impression extremely relaxed for his artists. He is you’re welcome threatening although the overabundance of job that he have completed in the history. He does not desire you to live anxious. He needs you to chuckle and the center of every of this, he do amazing to his performers to they provide a lot extra than their greatest. I deduction this is motive why he is Madhur Bhandarkar,” symbols sour Shazahn by clear terror during her quality.



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