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All about physical exercise

The term physical exercise means the circulation of different parts of the body regularly. It preserves and improves our health. Experts always say “health is wealth”. Really good health is necessary for all of us. There are various kinds of physical exercise. Walking, racing, boxing, swimming, riding, wrestling are good form of exercise. For the soundness of health, exercise is necessary. For proper digestion and circulation of blood it is necessary to take physical exercise regularly. Without physical exercise we cannot enjoy a good health. It makes us strong and active and keeps us free from diseases. So everybody should take a regular exercise.

Exercise is any physical activities that assist to keep well health and mentality of a person. It is performs for various activities. Such as, strengthen the cardiovascular system and muscles, maintaining weight loss, and increasing the athletic skills. Regular exercise helps you to prevent different serious diseases and increase stamina. Today childhood fatness is a matter of anxiety. Physical exercise can help to protect this problem if you take it regularly. Exercise works as a wonder for physical fitness. Starting exercise for the first time is the important factors. People feel boring to start this. The first step of exercise is selecting a program. To success the exercise you need to fulfill some specific needs.

When you start for the first time you need to determine what type of exercise you want to do. You can go to gym and take the exercise regularly. If you sacrifice your leisure time for physical exercise then you can improve your health and mind easily. It also helps you to make good circulation of bloods.


Physical exercise is needed for everybody. They, who hold out the plea, that physical exercise is unnecessary for the young and strong man, are foolish. They should bear in mind that progress of life of a man depends upon his health. All kinds of exercise do not suite for all seasons of the year and these are not suitable for men of all ages. Those who are strong in body can take all forms of exercise. But those who are weak in body cannot take all kind of exercise. They cannot take hard exercise. The old and weak men can take part in morning and evening walk regularly. Physical exercise cannot be taken all days long. Morning and the evening are the best time for taking exercise. It should be taken in the open field in fresh air.

It has been clearly proved that health is our greatest wealth. Those who are neglect physical exercise attacked by various diseases. An unhappy man suffers his whole life and dies an unhappy man. Life is a teasing burden to him. We must remember that excess of everything is bad. Thus over exercise is very injurious for health. It makes our body weak. All should abide by the laws of physical exercise. Regular exercise helps a man to preserve his health. If we want to keep out our body and mind fit, fresh and healthy, we should take regular physical exercise. Besides this anyone can gather lots of information from the internet or journal.

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