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Artificial Intelligence Loves Natural Naiveté

Artificial Intelligence Loves Natural Naiveté
Congressmen, military strategists and military funders consistently underestimate just how unintelligent Artificial Intelligence continues to be. The gap between what A.I. can really do and what the Singularity and exponential growth adherents proclaim …
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Riverview Law: can artificial intelligence change the business of law?
This year's Business Leadership Report is a 'must-have' for any provider that wants to know what its clients are really thinking when it comes to selling legal services. The report focuses on the growing range of alternative legal services and …
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What human emotions do we really want of artificial intelligence?
Maybe it says something of another human quality – deviousness – that the Turing Test came to encourage computer programmers to devise machines to trick the human judges, rather than embody sufficient intelligence to hold a realistic conversation.
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Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Make Great Art?
Professor Stephen Hawking said AI intelligence is the most dangerous thing threatening humanity right now. As we have just witnessed the world's first self conscious example of AI in a small simplified experiment, I feel like with that one sentence …
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