Artificial intelligence: self-aware NAO robots – UTV Ireland | The Knowledge Dynasty

Artificial intelligence: self-aware NAO robots – UTV Ireland

Adobe Illustrator vs Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Image by Viktor Hertz
A mash-up of the film ‘A.I’ by Steven Spielberg, and the software program Adobe Illustrator.

Available as poster and other prints here:…

Artificial intelligence: self-aware NAO robots – UTV Ireland
From the Terminator movie franchise to the Matrix trilogy, artificial intelligence (AI) has been used as a non-anthropomorphic villain that will lead to the downfall of civilisation. Some scientists maintain that the sensationalised fears of sci-fi …
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Your Smartphone, Not Kill You
It might be difficult to tell from popular headlines, but artificial intelligence isn't all killer robots and jobs disappearing. In fact, artificial intelligence isn't as abstract or distant a concept as many popular arguments about its consequences …
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How artificial intelligence is changing economic theory
In a paper out today in the journal Science, Parkes and co-author Michael Wellman, of the University of Michigan, argue that rational models of economics can be applied to artificial intelligence (AI) and discuss the future of machina economicus. At …
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