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Atex Puts It Into Overdrive! Part 1 of 4

John Thomas, founder and owner of Atex Freight Broker Training, Inc. in El Paso, Texas announced today three new developments related to Atex’s training and education.

John has been providing comprehensive freight broker training for nearly 12 years and his courses are based upon John’s previous brokerage business, Atex Logistics, Inc.

The three new improvements include: first, a new website that is mobile ready (plus more); second, an updated free eBook, titled, “Introduction to Freight Brokering”; and third, setting up a series of teleclasses to offer practical and useful information.

Each of these new upgrades will be detailed in several following press releases. For example, the new website includes new training options and more gratis information; the updated eBook provides details on the cost and expectations of starting a new brokerage. It’s not even a sales pitch as it lays out essential requirements and other useful information in an industry that is fraught with confusion.

And, lastly, the teleclass series is another avenue that provides diverse topics for learning. Listeners call in on a “bridge line” and John conducts live tele sessions, most of which include time for questions and answers.

For nearly 12 years, clients have trained using one of three ways, including over the telephone and Internet, or live in El Paso Texas or with a home study program. The education-based instruction is nuts and bolts information that clients can put in their tool box and use for years.

John’s clients come from a variety of backgrounds but most are truck drivers, owner operators, small fleet owners or those working in some phase of the supply chain and logistics industries.

John summarizes by stating “My freight broker training programs are more than just about the nuts and bolts of brokering; they include a much broader perspective including current economic trends and bringing to light recent legal issues that impact brokers as well as focusing on valuable business fundamentals.”

To immediately download the no-cost eBook, go to Or you may contact John at either 1-888-ATEX (2839) or by email at info(at)atexfreightbrokertraining(dot)com

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