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Avatar Solutions Offers Tool to Predict Future VBP Reimbursement

Avatar Solutions, a leading provider of Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS), Patient Experience, and Employee Engagement Surveys, is now offering organizations a tool to accurately estimate future compensation and forfeited Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) reimbursements from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The resource provides healthcare organizations with the ability to view Hospital CAHPS (HCAHPS) and VBP Reimbursement amounts up to four quarters into the future.

Using Avatar’s predictive analytics tool, organizations can proactively see how they will perform in terms of patient experience if they remain on their current trajectory, and link their current performance to future financial implications. The analytics offer each hospital a clear business case for making improvement in specific patient experience areas.

Avatar is leading the nation with this predictive model. Coupled with the predictive HCAHPS Star Rating functionality available in Avatar’s online reporting system, ImprovingCare, hospitals have a much clearer view on their current and future performance than they receive from other vendors. With these tools, the entire industry will no longer be required to focus solely on scores and results from the past. Hospitals nationwide can now specifically see their trends and results into the future, including how these results will impact financial performance.

The predictive model includes both summary composite scores and individual items scores, permitting organizations to view the data at various levels. HCAHPS data from every hospital in the country can be viewed and analyzed using this model. Armed with this information, organizations can design specific and targeted improvement plans as needed.    

“For decades, hospitals and providers have been driving patient experience improvements by looking in the rearview mirror. Every metric available to them has been backward-looking,” says Mike Sinoway, CEO of Avatar Solutions. “Now, for the first time, Avatar’s predictive analytics allow the industry to make decisions based on known future impacts. Our PhD statisticians have built an analytical engine that is amazingly accurate and includes every single facility with HCAHPS data, not just Avatar clients. We want to help drive progress for all patients in all facilities and would be happy to share the results with any interested hospital.”

For a complimentary sneak peek into the predictive analytics and your organization’s performance, contact Avatar at 312-236-7170 or info(at)avatarsolutions(dot)com.


About Avatar Solutions

Avatar Solutions provides organizations with Smarter Items and Smarter Insights, to help each organization have a Smarter Impact. Avatar offers CAHPS Surveys, Patient Experience Surveys, Employee Surveys, and Physician Surveys to organizations nationwide. For more information, please visit http://www.avatarsolutions.com/.

To follow Avatar on Twitter, go to http://twitter.com/avatarpatexp. To join Avatar’s group on LinkedIn, visit http://www.avatarsolutions.com/journey.

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