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Book Announcement: Advanced Advantage Play, by Eliot Jacobson, PH.D., Blue Point Books, 2015

Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) April 15, 2015

Blue Point Books is proud to announce its newly published book, “Advanced Advantage Play, Beating and Safeguarding Modern Casino Table Games, Side Bets and Promotions” by internationally recognized advantage play and casino table games expert Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D. Advanced Advantage Play provides a comprehensive examination of the powerful and legal methods being used by top players to beat the full array of opportunities in today’s casino. Using mathematical and statistical tools, Jacobson’s presentation is the most thorough that has ever been made available to the general public.

Going beyond ordinary blackjack card counting, Jacobson covers powerful new methods being used to beat blackjack, blackjack side bets, baccarat, baccarat side bets, as well as many novelty games like Pai Gow Poker. His book is the first to cover edge sorting, the method used by Phil Ivey to win over $ 20 million dollars at baccarat. Jacobson also explains how Don Johnson beat Atlantic City for over $ 15 million dollars in 2011 by exploiting loss rebates.

Jacobson shows that card counting can be applied to a wide variety of games, not just blackjack. Jacobson discusses the powerful method of hole-carding, where the player exploits the knowledge gained when one or more dealer hidden cards is exposed. Jacobson also considers player collaboration, where players share the values of their cards during the play of the game. Furthermore, Jacobson quantifies the dollar value of each method he presents, so that opportunities and risks can be properly assessed.

Based on three years of research published on Jacobson’s blog, Advanced Advantage Play is written both for the industry insider as well as for the player who wants to find out how skilled players are legally beating games. Along with presenting methods to beat casino games, Jacobson gives practical advice to casino management and game developers on effective methods to protect the vulnerabilities he exposes. Advanced Advantage Play is also well-suited to an educational setting.

Eliot Jacobson has been a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science as well as an advantage player. Since 2006, he has been president of Jacobson Gaming, LLC. and has consulted for casinos internationally. Jacobson’s diverse background gives him a unique perspective from both sides of the table.

Advanced Advantage Play is now available from, where it is ranked the #1 new publication on blackjack. More information can be found at the book’s website, Free review copies are available to qualified individuals and media outlets from Blue Point Books upon request.


Blue Point Books — bpbooks(at)west(dot)net 1.800.858.1058

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