Announces Results from Definitive Halloween Candy Study | The Knowledge Dynasty Announces Results from Definitive Halloween Candy Study

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

After 10 years of clinical research and intensive studies, scientists from University have concluded that personality types may be reflected in the type of candy purchased for trick-or-treaters, party guests, and neighbors on Halloween. For example, if you plan on buying:

    Gummy Bears: You’re a softhearted, gentle-natured giver who loves to brighten someone else’s day, especially when all that person really needs is a gummy bear hug.

    Hard Candy: You’re the practical sort, but always giving more than is expected. You go the extra mile to make sure everyone has reason enough to smile for a long time.

    Chocolates: Indulgent and romantic, you tend to be more nostalgic in your ideals, going for the time-tested methods for sharing your blissful state with others.

    Caramels: You’re an old-fashioned reactionary who sticks to what works. On the other hand, you savor the simple things in life, and your honest appreciation is well received by all.

    Gross-Out/Freaky Candies: When everyone else is going about their daily grind, you’re leaving chocolate dog doo-doo in public places and scaring your friends silly with your candy blood. Then again, you’re the life of every party, and without you, nobody knows what to talk about.

Due to this compelling new information, and the fact that it’s almost Halloween, CandyWarehouse has announced the return of its free ground shipping offer on all orders over $ 200, effective immediately (coupon code FreeShip200)! This offer makes it a great time for everyone to embrace his/her inner candy self and stock up on some irresistible fall favorites and Halloween treats like candy corn, zombie gummies, vampire fangs and candy urine. And by offering a variety of festive bowls, dishes, scoops, tongs and piñatas, is a one-stop-shop for all dessert table and candy buffet needs.

Shoppers should be mindful of hot weather when ordering, as this special offer only covers ground shipping – a method that might leave meltable items in a mess. “Some areas of the country are still experiencing unusually hot weather and others are located far from our warehouses. Customers who live in these places need to choose an expedited shipping option so their candy doesn’t melt,” warns Dr. Evans Boney, PhD Chemistry Theory, Director of Marketing.

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