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Career Options in General Medicine


Despite the growing popularity of alternate careers, for a majority of students, getting a seat in a medical college continues to be a prized possession. And with the Delhi University Medical Entrance Test (DU-MET) barely a month away, how does one ensure a 100 per cent success rate in these medical entrance tests? “ If a candidate is regular and thorough with his studies, and doesn’t leave anything for the last minute, there’s no reason why he/ she cannot qualify.
Master the fundamentals first
A clear understanding of the basic principles is a must for those who sit for the Medical Exam. The paper pattern of entrance exam is objective and therefore, learning by rote is not an option. Be it Physics, Chemistry or Biology, there’s no alternative to clearing of concepts. Since the syllabus is vast, it’s difficult to remember every topic. Make visual pictures in your mind for each of the topics.
These are easy to remember during the examinations, first year MBBS student at MAMC. Apart from knowing the subject, it’s also important to tackle the question paper well and that too, within a limited time frame. Attempting a paper is an art. And while some students are intelligent, that doesn’t guarantee a seat in our college. It depends a lot on how well a student has attempted the paper.
Time management is therefore, the key to success. A daily practice of the previous years’ question papers can give an idea about the paper pattern for the entrance test. The solved papers help students to time themselves. In addition, practicing a variety of questions also means one covers maximum curriculum.
Apart from planning how to solve maximum questions in a given time, one must also plan on saving time while marking answers in the OMR sheets. Many students, for instance, mark the answers on the question paper, and then use the OMR sheet after the completion of each subject to save time. 
Along with the sample papers, a thorough reading of the NCERT textbook is important. For any entrance exam, NCERT is considered the Bible and DU-MET is no exception. It ensures not just selection but also a good rank.
Opening a window to the world
The DU-MET is not just a window to get Medical School Admissions to three of the reputed medical colleges but in a way also opens up limitless possibilities to pursue a career in medicine at various hospitals in Delhi. The availability of technical material is the biggest strength of any medical college, and an admission in any of the three colleges provides ample scope to get practical experience in medical training.

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