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Caribbean Green: Making Medicinal Marijuana Legal in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico (PRWEB) June 04, 2015

The governor of Puerto Rico has recently announced an order for marijuana to be made legal when used for medicinal purposes TIME – 5/4/2015. Now campaign group Caribbean Green are lobbying for the order to be passed into law.

The group has a lot of support on the ground from those who know how much marijuana can help those who are ill and in pain. “We are leading the movement of what people want in Puerto Rico”, a spokesperson for the company said. “We are distributing the beneficial medical uses of cannabis, and encouraging everyone on the island to spread the word that people want it. Along with the medicinal benefits, the dramatic tourism and economic boost will substantially help Puerto Rico’s economy in the tens of millions within the first year.”

Beneficial effects include:

Cannabidiol, a chemical found in marijuana, can help stop the risk of cancer by preventing the spread of a harmful gene called Id-1
Treatment of the eye disease glaucoma by reducing pressure on the eyeball
Studies have shown it can actually increase lung capacity, in contrast to the harmful effects of tobacco
It has been shown to prevent epileptic seizures
Taken in sensible doses, marijuana can relieve anxiety as well as act as a painkiller
Can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease thanks to the chemicals stopping an enzyme in the brain that produces harmful plaques that lead to Alzheimer’s
It reduces the pain of arthritis which leads to a restful night’s sleep
Cannabis has a positive impact on inflammation, meaning it can be used to relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s disease
It’s beneficial for people undergoing chemotherapy thanks to its ameliorative effects on pain and nausea, and increases appetite

Source: CNN – 4/16/15

Caribbean Green have set up a dummy dispensary with mock-ups of medicinal marijuana products that people can come and look at and find out more about. They are hoping that people from all over the island will come in to learn more about the positive effects of marijuana.

Social media participation is encouraged to further the cause and spread Caribbean Green’s message far and wide. They are very keen to remove the stigma and negative image of cannabis, and start educating people on all its positive qualities and how it can help those in need and Puerto Rico.

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