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Center for Physical Therapy

Kick Boxing General Kong Quan majority to fight in order to exercise the main muscle layer, great exercise, it is a great physical exertion, it will be difficult for beginners to get started, especially the working population has been end up Shenxinpilei, if this state of mind exercise, it is difficult to concentrate, more likely to cause sports injuries, so the slow beat Kick Boxing will come into being. New concept of slow motion Kick Boxing, as there are many benefits to the body, such as increased heart and lung function, accelerate the blood circulation, as exercise will increase lipolytic hormones help the body discharge of waste, improve edema, and can enhance muscle strength and strength training to prevent muscle strain. As overestimate their physical fitness, coupled with the lack of adequate preparation, they are prone to Sports Injuries.

Modern people often sit on the front of the computer work, sports and small muscles often become tight, coupled with poor posture, gait or standing, it will cause strain on the body there are all sorts of sports injuries, degeneration or injury, health value Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy), And attending special training center physical therapists believe that these problems can stretch through various stretching exercises to improve. Acute injury, the action can reduce the pain to do backing, if you do not yet paid off two days, you can find a doctor or physiotherapist for diagnosis and treatment, including acupuncture, manual therapy and so on. In addition as physical therapy (Physiotherapy), is in fact to do more stretching exercises daily Larsson muscles, reduce fatigue and degradation of some help.

Neck and shoulder pain on a routine like all workers, sports and practicing hand Physical Therapy Center for Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) division, said many people will ignore the position of work issues, such as posture is not correct, bring the arm when using the mouse, leading to a variety of sports injury pain, but as long as the reinforcement or extension with the appropriate action can be relieve muscle tension pain. If unexplained back pain, and abdominal pain also extends to the front thigh, spinal compression fractures may be possible, patients will continue to pain, severe cases can cause vertebral collapse, have the opportunity to lead to hemiplegia or paralysis. Wear a girdle and had physical therapy, but the situation is no significant improvement in X-ray examination showed a compression fracture of the vertebrae, spinal nerve compression due to collapse and led to thigh pain.


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