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Code Green Networks Releases Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Virtual Appliance

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

Code Green Networks, the leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provider for both the Enterprise and Cloud deployments, announced the latest release of TrueDLP™ delivering dynamic new flexibility and substantial performance improvement through

Virtual Appliance
Advanced Reporting Engine
Enhanced Cloud Content Control

With this release, Code Green Networks is now offering its customers the advantages of implementing its time tested DLP technology as a virtual appliance. This means customers will no longer be required to purchase appliance hardware to obtain the company’s DLP solutions. Instead they will need only to purchase one or more software licenses which will allow them to run any of the TrueDLP™ components: Network DLP, Discovery DLP, Endpoint DLP and Cloud DLP in their virtual environment.

Code Green Networks’ hardware appliances will still be available for customers not wishing to use virtual appliances or who need hardware based solution for their particular operation. Moreover, there is no change to the company’s Software Maintenance Program, Support or Premium Support.

The Code Green Advanced Reporting Engine is a sophisticated reporting tool that is now available for customers to provide advanced, interactive actionable information. Code Green Networks has added an external database reporting view enabling easier creation of additional reports by customers as needed. In addition, 20 of the most common reports currently used by Code Green customers have been prebuilt and are included for the convenience of existing and new customers. A consulting service is also available with this release to provide further support to customers needing to address particularly unique reporting requirements.

In addition there are significant performance improvements and other enhancements to Cloud Content Control, developed by Code Green Networks in partnership with leading cloud storage providers to provide enterprise DLP for the cloud. These include the addition of options such as “scan all” and “scan on demand” to provide greater flexibility during discovery processes on the cloud.

Cloud Content Control was developed by Code Green Networks to extend a single DLP system across the enterprise including the cloud to ensure uniform compliance and management of risk. TrueDLP™ currently provides connectors into several leading cloud storage providers. Interested customers and cloud storage providers should contact Code Green Networks for the most up to date information regarding these capabilities.

TrueDLP™ includes the company’s unique Database Record Matching (DBRM™), a data detection technology using mathematical representations of actual sensitive information to look for matching data when inspecting records where that information would be problematic. This method provides a significant advantage in compliance applications by more accurately identifying regulated data than any other detection technique.

Chris Leffel, Director of Product Development for Code Green Networks, commented that “These improvements are in response to customers wanting more options for their DLP deployments, the growing trend to share sensitive information with customers, associates and partners in the cloud and, in particular, the need for better and easier report generation with which to insure their information governance requirements are being managed appropriately, especially in compliance industries.“

“In keeping with Code Greens tradition and stated goals, this improvement in our solution is very straightforward and customer friendly,” commented Code Green Networks CEO, Dan Udoutch. “We took note of the fact that many IT environments already have some sort of virtual machine infrastructure in place or are considering it. This change will be immediately appealing to those enterprises. More importantly, we took this step because it is consistent with our objective since inception to deliver solutions with the greatest levels of innovation and ease of use to our customer.”

About Code Green Networks

Code Green Networks delivers solutions that help enterprises protect and manage regulated and other sensitive digital information across their data network, whether local, remote, mobile or in the cloud. The company’s solutions have been tested and proven through daily use by hundreds of deployments in large and small organizations across the United States and around the globe.

By working closely with customers since 2004, Code Green Networks has applied innovative technology to produce Data Loss Prevention solutions with the most advanced capabilities available to locate, identify and manage regulated data without the complexity.


Database Record Matching™, DBRM™, TrueDLP™, Network DLP™, Discovery DLP™, Endpoint DLP™ and Cloud DLP™ are trademarks of Code Green Networks.

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