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Configure D-Link Router

Router is a device used to forward data packets from one destination to another. Many companies develop different types of routers to help Corporate as well as home users. Among the different types of routers available in the market, D-Link router is the one with a notably better performance. D-Link offers both wired and Wireless Routers for different types of users. Most of the users use D-Link Wireless Routers as they are more convenient to use.

D-Link routers are well known for their user friendly design. These routers have features like inbuilt firewall protection, parental control, most modern encryption techniques, etc. Router Settings can be customized even by a beginner to make the router work in the required way. Although there are different models of D-Link wireless routers, the installation process is somewhat similar. This router delivers great wireless performance when compared with other routers. If you get stuck at any level while installing the D-Link router, you may refer the manual for further installation steps.

Router Security is yet another factor to be considered while purchasing a router. D-Link routers include latest wireless security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and to keep your wireless network or PC safe from hackers and intruders. Wireless Router Setup wizard can be accessed by just entering the router’s IP address on the web browser and you will be prompted to enter the user name and password. Once you log in to the router setup page, you can easily customize all the settings and make the router ready to work with your network. You can reset the router access password for better protection. Hence, no one can access the router setup page, unless he/she knows the password. You can change the default network name (SSID) to the one of your choice. You can stop broadcasting the network name. So that no one else other than the people who know the SSID, can enter your network.

Some of the issues with the D-Link router include:-

•No Internet access

•Router configuration page not loading

•Poor signal strength

•Unable to log in to the router page

Most of these issues can be resolved by altering the router settings or by resetting the router to default settings. If you are not able to fix the issue by your own, there is no need to worry. You can contact the D-Link router support team to resolve the issues with the router in no time. It offers telephonic, chat and even e-mail support for the D-Link router users. You can also get simple resolution steps from solution articles published on the D-Link router websites. Many other third party online technical support teams are also available to help fix router issues and are quite as good as the manufacturer’s support team.

Daniel Moore, a software engineer shares his experience with D-Link router with the readers through this article. He likes the stability and user-friendly router setup process and is very happy with the performance of his D-Link router.

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