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Cool new army tire technology

Cool new army tire technology

No more flat tires? Sounds good to me Watch This If You Want To Smile:
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Ancient Aliens and their Technology Art Bell Dark interview Jason Martell  Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Aliens talk on Art Bell Dark Matter Interview Jason Martell the Lost Cycle of Time Ancient Advanced Technologies.…
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47 Responses to Cool new army tire technology

  • Civil Protection says:

    They need to like put rubber over the holes

  • алексей христофоров says:

    я посмотрел бы как эта хрен поедет когда в эти щели гряз с бездорожья
    забется или снег :-)

  • Dan Lewis says:

    I like the idea, but I suspect it has a major flaw; that rocks and stuff
    can get in those spaces and cause the structure to distort/break.

  • Freddie Mukendi says:

    no need to. the enemy should see it and be afraid

  • T Oadaly says:

    Based on the number of views, there is a potentially *enormous* market for
    maintenance free tires.

  • Zinovy Rozhestvensky says:
  • Rivals Templar says:

    I wonder how they solved the natural decay of rubber problem.Rubber in
    tires dries out and cracks after about 4 years meaning the outer layer will
    virtually crack apart in time. That’s the reason they don’t use solid tires

  • Gatis Ločmelis says:

    “new” This shit has been invented already. 😀 it’s not new, it’s only now
    being used. 

  • Bail Bondsman says:

    Pretty cool. But I doubt they’d be effective on a civilian vehicle. They
    font seem like they’d handle well cornering on pavement at any speed over
    ,35 mph. Cool concept though 

  • John Barleycorn says:


  • Вася Пипкин says:

    а если этот дрындулет перегрузить то он вообще никуда не поедет,самая тупая
    идея для боевых условий,ни скорости ни проходимости не будет по
    пересеченке,и зимой ,как было правильно подмечено,снег набьется туда и
    тогда вообще не понятно что будет )))))

  • Adam Lamontagne says:

    Those tires wont be able to handle the weight of up armor. Also thats a lot
    of extra bounce on a truck that already has rollover issues.

  • Car Mechanic 24 says:

    very nice!

  • MrWybie says:

    Интересно поглядеть на эти шины в повороте с большой инерцией, и при старте
    в буксе на сухом крупно зернистом асфальте.

  • Nicholas Taranto says:

    Holy Crap! 20 Million views? Insane!

  • Calvin Hollowell says:

    Would like to see what they do in the mudd got a feeling thumbs down cause
    of them getting bogged just stick with the 35″ federals

  • daniel horacio padilla says:

    buen invento

  • oscar7771 says:

    a new way to waste our tax money , is a $ 25 000 dlls each tire?

  • name first name says:

    carbon fibre?

  • terryyouth says:

    How about turning corners when driving at speed. 

  • jacob cook says:

    This technology has been around for years I seen this on the show beyond
    2000 in the mid 90s with the market for for pneumatic tires aka air
    inflated tires. People are greedy and continue to make money.

  • talkl0067 says:
  • Richard Bowley says:

    It looks like the NASA Lunar Rover tires (which were titanium piano wire
    mesh, as the Moon has no substantial atmosphere and the soil is grittier
    than volcanic ash), but encased in rubber. And people like to trash talk
    the military and space program. Remember, without them, we would not have
    the gizmos, gadgets, and the Internet today.

  • ahmed khan says:

    An IED should solve the problem

  • jasonofcompsci says:

    Cool, a tire that will do what a normal tire will, and less than any
    purpose built tire, and it over dampens which will reduce fuel economy,
    restrict the speed it can go, and will heat up and cause high wear on
    itself when you go fast.

  • Nick Dip says:

    Aintient Aliens talk on Art Bell Dark Matter Interview Jason Martell the
    Lost Cycle of Time Ancient Advanced Technologies.

    For over 15 years, Mr. Jason Martell has been one of the leading
    researchers and lecturers specializing in ancient advanced technologies of
    Antient Astronauts. Mr. Martell’s research has been featured worldwide on
    numerous television networks such as The Discovery Channel, The History
    Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, the BBC and others.

    Today, Mr. Martell is working in his next scientific recreation of ancient
    alien technology based upon data obtained from Sumerian cuneiform cylinder
    seals from 3,000 B.C. — He is also planning several groundbreaking
    international research expeditions. The expeditions focus on gaining access
    to ancient Sumerian artifacts, and other archeological relics not currently
    accessible to the public. #ancientaliens #artbell #UFO #ancientaliensguy

  • IsabelLovesIvan says:

    Listlening to this reminds me why Art was my least favorite C2C host. I’m
    sure personally he’s a nice guy and all but he’s disrespectful to the
    guests. Sometimes I wonder if he’s even listening to them at all. I get
    the impression that he’s doing other things while the guest is talking. I
    don’t like the way he treats people.

  • donwharrison says:

    Just another pseudoscience huckster making a living by endlessly
    regurgitating the same fantasy rhetoric to keep from entering the workplace.
    Still, believe whatever you like but the mere idea that it took some
    visitors from another world to kick start our civilizations is an insult to
    the intelligent, creative and dynamic people who populated the ancient
    world and developed the technical know how to to create our earliest

  • Ronnie Jaraucaro says:

    HEY CAN SOMEONE HELP HERE???……how do you upload a single picture to a
    video like this UPLOADER DID FOR THIS VIDEO???????…….I can not seem to
    figure it out……I have you tube show that I would like to play the
    recorded show with a back ground like this one

  • cephun says:

    for those of you wondering, the show art bell brings up is called Life
    After People. it was a special then a series.

  • frank sigwart says:

    well , some body has to call their bluff. Go Art Bellobullshitmeter.

  • hect190-909 says:

    No wonder he named his book “Knowledge Apocalypse.” He’s as dumb as hell.

  • PRHILL9696 says:

    Does anyone have the episode where Art had on a Priest form the Church of
    Satan? The only episode worth hearing and I would love to hear it again.

  • hect190-909 says:

    What an embarrassing display of ignorance. The fantasy-prone Sitchin
    started this whole ridiculous Nibiru nonsense, and people gobble it up
    mindlessly. We’re a binary star system? Is he for real? How can there be
    such stupidity in this day and age?

  • kingjoseph shaw says:

    Google = u tube = CIA = NSA = NWO. Everything you see and hear is one
    thing. WHAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO ABOUT IT IS ANOTHER. still Google / u tube
    does not let you see everything. Its controled.even the corporate political
    elete don’t want total disorder and disobedience. We really need to
    overthrow them.kill them. Jail them

  • Jman21UK says:

    this is interesting. but what i heard about adam and eve is that it was
    basically man changing from a wild monkey type animal into the modern human
    starting to farm crops instead of hunting. an also when they say ‘giants’
    it could be explaining an empire or large army not actual giants

  • kingjoseph shaw says:

    To Isabel. He’s just heard a lot of very dumb shit before like the two year
    old guest here plus he’s getting old.He is old.

  • Malcolm Adrien says:

    sick and tried of this bullshit Niburu crowd. Just had to turn it off as he
    started talking about evidence of it right after he’s talking about the
    existence of a second sun behind our sun that we cant see. WTF are these
    crazy people on about. Show me one shred of ‘evidence’ that Niburu even
    potentailly exists. Besides the fact that it is completely out of whack
    with our cosmological model, which has pretty much always made excellent
    predictions about where we might find some suspected things, but not
    Nibiru. Oh Wait! thats right! its a huge cover up! how could i forget!
    better get my tin foil hat out of storage….

  • kingjoseph shaw says:

    This guest is an elementary school dropout.

  • gettheleadoutasshole says:

    2:21 “I am a Sitchinite”… absolutely insane to admit this. The man was
    clearly delusional, and his research was inherently flawed. The science
    discussed here is false. Claims made based on false/truths.

  • gettheleadoutasshole says:

    Promote promote promote sell sell sell con con con ideology ego
    entertainment sell sell sell profit promote money fraudulent bull shit

  • Ulysses Maximus says:

    Art bell is good at interrupting his guests in order to sound stupid
    himself. Massively irritating.

  • John Moura says:

    Maybe ancient Earth civilizations were advanced enough to go off the planet
    the last time Nirbiru floated by :-)

  • Quarky_ says:

    These fuckheads need to piss off. Get a legitimate career.

  • Uderbottom Sandydown says:

    23:16 Here’s a link from the Malin telescope website of what appears to be
    a dome with a pipe spraying shit out the side…. This section of mars is
    blurred out on google maps: mars. ( section M11-00099 )

  • Mark Dykstra says:

    Martell was one of the guys that got me into this info circa 2003. I like
    his work on ancient Sumeria. Hats off Jay Ballz

  • Nick Dip says:

    Art Bell Dark Matter Interview Jason Martell the Lost Cycle of Time Ancient
    Advanced Technologies.

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