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Dr. Leonard Umanoff, DDS Offers Compassion & New High-Tech Implant System to His Patients

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) November 28, 2014

Dr. Leonard Umanoff introduces revolutionary implant system that virtually cuts the dental implant process in half. In the world of dentistry, implants are a good choice for replacing damaged teeth, especially when the damage extends into the root. As noted on Dr. Umanoff’s website, implants are hard to tell apart from your natural teeth and help preserve the root structure within the jawbone; changes to jawbone structure as a result of other tooth-replacement methods can easily lead to premature aging around the jawline.

In the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Leonard Umanoff, DDS offers the new high-tech implant system, and a lot more, when it comes to dentistry and care for his patients. Dr. Umanoff professionally designs and installs the replacement implants for his patients. The implant is installed into the bone of the jaw. After the successful healing of the implant Dr. Umanoff is able to put a ceramic crown over it; the new system gives patients not only aesthetically beautiful tooth but also a perfectly functional attribute for biting and chewing.

One of Dr. Umanoff’s biggest points of pride is the care and compassion that he demonstrates towards all of his patients. Dr. Umanoff and his well educated staff greatly value the time of each and every one of their patients; the whole team strives to maintain the schedule to the best of their ability to ensure that patients never have to wait beyond the start of the appointment time. Furthermore, Dr. Umanoff takes pride in the high quality of his work. The first-time success rate of Dr. Umanoff’s dental implant is 99% (percent). Dr.Umanoff is extremely confident in the precision of his work, in the highly unlikely event that an implant fails, Dr. Umanoff offers a complimentary replacement.

As previously stated, Dr. Umanoff’s implant method is on the cutting edge. The new system is called Max Dental Implant. Max hardware is so phenomenal that it can be implanted into the patients jaw bone at the time of extraction. This creates the need for fewer appointments, saving the precious and valuable time of the patient.

Another great advantage of the Max Dental Implant System used by Dr. Umanoff is the healing process time; it heals in about half the time a regular implant would. The system literally shaves off the months of time a patient would need to wait to have the final dental crown is inserted. Generally, a typical implant would require six to nine months of healing before the final crown is inserted, with the advantages of Max Dental Implant System and Dr.Umanoff’s skill the implant can be completed in as little as four months.

With his compassion and innovative dentistry, Dr.Umanoff has over 15 years of experience. Dr. Umanoff was born and raised in Moscow, and studied at the Moscow Medical-Stomatological Institute; with plenty of passion and dedicated work towards his studies he earned the title of doctor. Dr. Umanoff then immigrated to the United States in 1995. After arrival to the United States Dr.Umanoff enrolled at the University of New York College of Dentistry where, with great diligence and enthusiasm, he earned the title Doctor of Dental Surgery. Shortly after graduation Dr. Umanoff opened his first dental practice in 2001, which he successfully runs till this present moment.

Dr. Umanoff believes in continuing his education, and considers himself a “compulsive learner.” After receiving his dental degrees, Dr. Umanoff has gone on to receive advanced tutelage in soft tissue and bone augmentation. Dr.Umanoff he takes continuing education courses throughout the year, as well as technology trainings and trade shows to further his knowledge. One of the things Dr. Umanoff considers most important is sharing the gained knowledge with his patients; he takes pride in empowering his patients to make good choices in regards to their dental health. Prevention is the best medicine.

In the words of Dr. Umanoff, “A healthy smile speaks volumes. Beautiful smile serves as a very important indicator of a healthy body.” It is this principle that guides Dr. Umanoff and his practice to provide high-quality Max Dental Implants, as well as many other high-tech solutions for the smiles of his patients.

About Dr. Leonard Umanoff, DDS

Dr. Leonard Umanoff, DDS has a practice in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn,NY. Born in Moscow, Dr. Umanoff studied dentistry at the Moscow Medical-Stomatological Institute before immigrating to the United States, and becoming a Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of New York College of Dentistry. Dr. Umanoff opened his practice in Brooklyn,NY in 2001, where he offers his patients high-tech dental solutions such as the Max Dental Implant.


Dr. Leonard Umanoff, DDS

(718) 382-3444

2277 Homecrest Ave, Suite LR

Brooklyn, NY 11229


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