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Economics 1 – Lecture 12: Externalities

Introduction to Economics.

8 Responses to Economics 1 – Lecture 12: Externalities

  • Blah blah what ever says:

    Overfed morons playing with the semantics of public and private. The
    reality is we all live in a ecosystem called earth and everything is
    ‘public’. Suck a dick Berkeley.

  • fro23n1cw says:

    problem 2 is not only incurred in non socially optimal markets, it’s an
    issue with the modeling itself, the entire curve would be even higher
    assuming non-optimal methods of dealing with the pollution, so the point
    which seems optimal according to the model would suffer the same issue. So
    i don’t see the point in mentioning it as an issue with non socially
    optimal markets

  • Alimov Farhad says:

    I think that manufactures should produce goods and look after the
    Einviroment at a time.

  • rudiT123 says:

    an excellent lecture….

  • radroatch says:

    @michalchik It’s ironic I forgot to put apart from the positive
    externalities, as me watching this is one in its self.

  • radroatch says:

    IS the MSC always above the fixed costs?

  • michalchik says:

    If a factory creates a gas guzzling monster car and sells it to people who
    want to drive monster cars, those people consume more gasoline and drive up
    its price. Is the higher price an externality?

  • michalchik says:

    @radroatch Not if the the externalities are positive instead of negative.
    That is the product benefits people other than the consumer.

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