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Economics 119 – 2014-08-28

Economics 119, 001 – Fall 2014 Psychology and Economics – Daniel Acland All Rights Reserved.

6-8-2014: Group Economics Vs. Self Economics – Captured Live on Ustream at
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12 Responses to Economics 119 – 2014-08-28

  • Gary Edwards says:

    Economics & Psychology

  • kamala80 says:

    For a coalititon, both parties have to bring something to the table. Us,
    Black folks, have little, if anything, to bring to the economic table.

  • wahad menEl-Ness says:

    y’all act like this movie is gonna change the world

  • Char Bro says:

    The Harlem discussion was interesting. Keep in mind; Harlem goes from 110th
    street to 155th street. It use to start from 96th street, but the whites
    didn’t want to be associated with the world Harlem. Within Harlem, most of
    the heavily white areas don’t say Harlem; they say, Morningside Heights,
    Riverside Drive, Hamilton Heights. Instead of going into paragraphs, all I
    have to say is, Manifest Destiny.

  • harlie Mcmillar says:

    6-8-2014: Group Economics Vs. Self Economics:

  • Nelson Smith says:

    The opening comments are so true. A few years ago I went to a real estate
    seminar in my home town. The two day event was basically to sell real
    estate courses, but the tidbits of knowledge they did throw out, like the
    benefit of trusts over a will, really opened my eyes. Sure a person on
    their own could find these things out for free if:
    1. They had knowledge of their existence and knew where to look
    2. They had unlimited time to read and comprehend.
    What I really learned was that there were lots of opportunities out there
    to make money, but I had no concept that they were even there, and unless I
    lucked upon them, I’d never know.

    These people were charging for their KNOWLEDGE more than anything else, and
    their ability to show you the shortcuts, and the landmines you need to
    avoid, and you’re essentially paying to gain time. We black people really
    don’t put enough stock in how valuable time really is. Which is why it
    behooves people who have accomplished things to share their knowledge and
    mentor people when they can.

  • Kicking Knowlege says:

    Good post

  • Mack Che says:

    Hell yeah, things are going to start changing real soon.

  • noluvv05 says:


  • DaSurreal1da says:

    I really feel the last brother….

  • Eternal Wind says:

    Great broadcast, very interesting conversation about white supremacy
    around areas of 1:00:00.

  • NZU TYBO says:


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