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Economics ministry eyes increase in export orders

Economics ministry eyes increase in export orders
A year-on-year increase in export orders for last month on the back of peak season effects for the bellwether electronics sector is expected, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said on Saturday ahead of the release of figures today. Also due to a …
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The economics of disasters
The figures come from a paper that assesses the impact of violent storms on economic activity—and compares them against other calamities. The researchers list Armaggedonish events—civil wars, global warming, currency crises and so on—and rank them …
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A question of economics
When news emerged last week that Hong Kong's billionaire brothers Ronnie and Gerald Chan had given US$ 350 million (Bt11.3 billion) to Harvard University – the biggest donation in the US institution's 378-year history – debate broke out on Chinese …
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Japan's economy
IT IS crisis mode in the Kantei, the office of Shinzo Abe, Japan's prime minister. A succession of awful data has pummelled his economic programme, which consists of three “arrows”: a radical monetary easing, a big fiscal stimulus and a series of …
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