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Electrophoresis Equipment and Supplies Market – Future Prospects and High Growth Regions

Albany, New York (PRWEB) September 08, 2014

Electrophoresis is a powerful and seemingly the most popular analytical technique in the field of micro-molecular separation and analysis. The rise in research activities, particularly in proteomics research activities undertaken in life sciences, biotechnology and pharmacy, has significantly contributed in fostering the global demand for electrophoresis instruments. The most common use of this technology can be seen in processes related to the separation and analysis of proteins, nucleic acids and sub-cellular particles such as small organelles and viruses.

In chemical analysis, electrophoresis finds applications in processes such as sequencing of DNA, purifying proteins, peptides and other biomolecules. In clinical chemistry, it is used in examining patterns of amino acids, lipoproteins, enzymes and serum proteins in the body. Other applications of electrophoresis include analyzing organic and inorganic ions in environmental samples, commercial products and food products.

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Geographically speaking, the US represents the largest market in the field of electrophoresis equipments and supplies; however, steady growth has also been seen in the Asia-Pacific market, which is forecast to grow at the rate of 4.80% during the years 2013 to 2019, owing to the overall development of research and healthcare facilities in these regions.

The market is segmented in two types of products: Gel electrophoresis systems and Capillary electrophoresis systems. Gel systems are being increasingly used in Genomics applications, adding further to the growth of this segment of products that is already the bigger share holder of the market. A rise in proteomics research activities has also led to an added demand for two dimensional (2D) gel based systems in the market.

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On the other hand, Capillary electrophoresis systems are attributed as the fastest growing segment on this industry. These systems are gaining prominence as a result of their minimal solvent and sample requirement, complete automation, ease of miniaturization, capability for on-line detection, efficiency and resolution.

Other factors that have proved substantial in adding to the growth of electrophoresis systems include the increase in the demand for new innovative drugs and therapies, patent expiration of many specialty bestseller drugs that in turn leads invention of new drugs and new research projects revolving around proteins, genes and biomolecules.

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The market for electrophoresis accessories has good demand for electrophoresis densitometers, DC supply and reagents. Of these, reagents have a hold on a major share within the market, followed by DC supply and electrophoresis densitometers. The key market players that continue to rule these markets include names like Agilent Technologies, Invitrogen, Lonza Group Ltd, Helena Laboratories Corp., Beckman Coulter, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH, C.B.S Scientific, Dionex Corporation, among others.


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