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Enjoy Being Physically Fit and Physically Safe With Mace Walking Weights

by boeke

There are many reasons why you’d rather not work out at home or in a gym just as there are various reasons why you and a lot others prefer to exercise outdoors. Whether it’s walking, jogging, or playing a certain sport, outdoor exercises give you the added benefit of enjoying the sun and the beautiful scenery. But working out alone, whatever the time of the day is, comes with certain risks to your safety. Protect yourself by carrying Mace walking weights.

Important Features of Mace Walking Weights

This product are designed to help you get and stay fit while providing you with an efficient means of self-defense at the same time. Here are a number of features that you can look forward to enjoying with Mace walking weights.

Built-in 10% Pepper Spray for Self-Defense

Inside your Mace walking weights is a built-in pepper spray canister which works just like any other pepper spray can. One well-aimed squeeze is all it takes to fight off your attacker, call for help, and run for safety.

1-Pound Weights

Too heavy weights are not good for women as they could lead to undesirable muscle buildup. One-pound weights, which are provided by your Mace walking weights, are the best choice for women of all sizes. Constant repetitions are all you need to do to have your arms perfectly toned.

Storage Compartment

There are many kinds of potential threat you face when you work out alone outdoors. Besides threats to your personal safety, some will also attempt theft of your personal belongings. Their first move would no doubt to check your pockets for any valuables you may have with you. Jewelry on display will also be taken. What they certainly won’t do is steal your Mace walking weights, not knowing that it has a secret, built-in compartment for your car keys, cash, and valuables.

Elastic Hand Strap for Support

Moving quickly and efficiently is difficult when you’re under attack. It’s easy to lose hold of your Mace walking weights as you scramble to get your pepper spray to work. Thankfully, that’s a possibility Mace is already well-aware of and it’s the reason why they’ve also provided elastic hand straps. When strapped in place, there’s no way for you to lose hold of your weights!

Low Maintenance

Many “cool” self-defense weapons turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth because of their high maintenance requirements. Mace walking weights, however, are the opposite. You can clean them with just soap and water and their pepper spray canister is easily replaceable.

To ensure your safety when you’re in vacation or going out bring mace walking weight for unexpected intruders.

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