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FairCom, creators of c-treeACE NoSQL Database, Expands Operations to Silicon Slopes, Utah

FairCom, Most Robust No+SQL Database Technology

FairCom, the privately held NoSQL database technology company, is expanding operations as it opens a brand new office in Draper, Utah. The new office will be FairCom’s fourth operating office with headquarters in Columbia, Missouri and international offices in Italy and Brazil. The new office will give FairCom an opportunity to grow its product team, add engineers, and expand its marketing and sales efforts. A key focus is to bring support directly to customers in this important area.

FairCom was drawn to Utah by the growing talent in the enterprise high-technology sector. “We’re excited to be in Utah,” says Alysha Brown, COO of FairCom, “The talent in Utah is exceptional, and it’s great to take part in the growing tech culture of Silicon Slopes. In addition to the talent available, we have a number of clients represented here, so it will be a good opportunity to extend our award-winning customer support to those clients on a local level.” FairCom’s customers include Visa, UPS, and Thompson Reuters. Its technology can be found in 43% of the Fortune 500 along with thousands of ISVs. Local Utah customers include Henry Schein, Spillman Technologies, and InfoTrax Systems.

FairCom is the creator of c-treeACE, the robust NoSQL database technology that provides full ACID compliance and an industry-standard SQL engine on top of unstructured data, providing a complete solution called No+SQL™. This technology provides unprecedented speed and performance while giving full analytical access through industry-standard SQL queries. As the oldest and most mature NoSQL solution on the market, c-treeACE is the trusted database for mission-critical NoSQL. FairCom is privately owned, and has been developing its database technology since 1979. Important milestones include:

    1979 – Company Founded
    1984 – FairCom announces its revolutionary c tree File Handler
    1987 – FairCom launches c tree Server
    1987 – r-tree Report Generator launches
    1993 – FairCom Europe Opens in Italy
    1995 – FairCom Japan Opens
    1996 – FairCom Brazil opens in São Paulo
    2001 – FairCom launches the c tree Server SDK
    2004 – FairCom introduces Cross Platform c treeSQL
    2008 – c treeACE V9.0 Professional with Stand-alone, and Sever SDKs
    2012 – c treeACE V10.0 launches with tighter integration between SQL and NoSQL technologies.
    2015 – FairCom West Opens in Salt Lake City

The new office is located in Draper City at 120 East 13065 South, Suite 101.


With over 35 years experience, FairCom delivers the most robust, engineering-level database technology available. FairCom’s unique No+SQL™ technology facilitates high-performance NoSQL and industry-standard SQL access within the same application, over the same data. Its flagship product, c-treeACE, is a fully ACID key-value store that supports multiple relational and non-relational APIs. High-performance and solid stability with mission-critical applications makes c-treeACE the preferred database technology for thousands of ISVs and 43 percent of the Fortune 100, including Federal Express, Microsoft, NASA, and Visa. FairCom is headquartered in Columbia, Mo., with offices in Salt Lake City, UT, Europe, and South America. For more information, visit http://www.faircom.com.

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