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Foam Physics – Sixty Symbols

What is the link between giraffes, wine corks and the map of the Universe? More videos at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 Responses to Foam Physics – Sixty Symbols

  • Owen Prescott says:

    The enhanced spider on Marijuana actually created a 4-dimensional web.

  • sminkycorp says:

    Where can I post you the deserved beer for being an academic with a
    windows/linux system rather than a shiney.

  • Aaron Kalat says:

    I bet if they dosed a spider on all 3 of those chems at once it could
    recreate the Sistine Chapel.

  • Ricardo Spinace says:

    Thank you for this interesting video.
    You guys are great. I often contemplate foam while having a bath.
    Mandelbroot and his wonderful formula of self-similarity !
    Love science. As an artist, science is to me a great complement to my life.
    Thank you gentlemen.

  • hiuefgjuin says:

    Does the pattern on giraffes have anything to do with foam physics, or is
    it just a coincidence? Not much of an explanation here. I find it hard to

  • RFC3514 says:

    Benzedrine and caffeine are actually swapped (wrongly labeled) in that
    image. Caffeine results in the “worst” web. You can find the full paper
    (and several articles about it) online.

  • lvlarihuano lvlarihuanísimo says:

    I run out of marihuana. I’ll try cofee instead. LOL

  • Spiral Lines says:

    wings on the dragon fly close up thought id throw it in there cheers man
    good vid

  • Gabriel Morin-Laporte says:

    That spiders on drugs experiments totally cracked me up xD

  • BlueZipher says:

    “Having a beer and head”

  • Heavenly Bear says:

    If you eat 3 ounces of marijuana that is very THC potent. You will overdose
    I guarantee it.

  • horizon says:

    what do u guys think the geometry of plank foam is, like perfect
    tetrahedrons being the simplist symectrical(stable) shape?

  • StuziCamis says:


  • horizon says:

    hmm im interested in the dose amount of majuana use on the spider, and if
    it was administered in its natural form. did that spider have receptors
    for canabanoids.

  • ajkelly451 says:

    The universe is composed of fractal organizational hierarchy! Yay universe!

  • Xolroc Lowell says:

    There’s a four-sided one just up and to the right of the middle! (when you
    were looking at the picture of the foam)

  • Mikael Wendt says:

    So this guy was brought up inside minecraft?

  • Razzfazz87 says:

    You disregard the other things that can happen while influenced by one or
    the other. And you can overdose on anything, even water. Also, where do you
    get your “statistically”? Where is the statistic that tells us that more
    people have non-negligible negative effects from caffeine than THC?
    Personal experience tells me someone who drank coffee is the better driver
    than someone who is high on THC.

  • Phaze252 says:

    Anyone interested in a mathematical concept that actually seems based off
    this pattern, should check out voroni diagrams.

  • Zac Lim says:


  • gyro5d says:

    No, the Schumann radiation would just be on Earth. The entire known
    Universe vibrates. More like blackbody radiation.

  • Garrett Monie says:

    British Mathis guy be swag in

  • Rafaelfl F says:

    Yes, you can overdose THC. It might not be possible in practice, but it’s
    potentially risky just like caffeine

  • Daruqe says:

    Well, you can TECHNICALLY overdose on THC. The LD50 is around 50 joints I
    believe, but it is true that there’s never been a case in which marijuana
    overdose was the sole cause of death.

  • bugfacedog44 says:

    1. “No, because if you get hit while in a motorcycle, you die; whereas in a
    car, you’d probably be fine.” He already states that a motorcycle is more
    dangerous than a car so i don’t see your argument. 2. “pot makes you act
    retarded.” Not quite. Alcohol muddles you’re brain; marijuana lights it up.
    I wrote down some (rather brilliant) thoughts on how the mind is like a
    computer and how audio is stored in memory while in an “enlightened state”.
    You see the code rather than run the program.

  • ednuttah says:

    8:50 Utter bollox 2 hydrogens fused together produce 1 Helium atom, 4
    hydrogen atoms would produce 2 Helium atoms is there something
    fundamentally wrong with Maths in the USA? Is that why they keep having
    banking crisis? 

  • DrHillbillyShow says:

    “Assume you have a gallon of whiskey and each day you drank half the amount
    in the bottle….”
    WELL that makes you a scientist with a hell of a drinking problem. 

  • abdulah dawood says:

    The atom, the giver of life, and the taker of life…

  • Lachlan Hamilton says:

    I always thought protons were red and neutrons were black. This video’s all

  • Rana pipiens says:

    The title of this video is a misnomer. This is a fission weapon and not a
    thermonuclear weapon. In a thermonuclear weapon a fission reaction is used
    to initiate a fusion reaction (the conversion of hydrogen into helium,
    which is discussed only briefly and dismissed).

  • Curvian Vynes says:

    Was it the end? Sounded like a cool analogy was about to be made.

  • Richard Naylor says:

    I have a theory of how to make a nuclear bomb with no residual radiation,
    it is easy if you consider the scatter patterns 

  • Stenhård Ståfräs says:

    “There is no such thing as a small safe atomic explosion.”
    My new favorite quote right there.

  • Buzzy Boo says:

    aint it funny how 911 kills just as many people as the bomb…

  • orange70383 says:

    9:02 and on, so very very very incorrect. Science loves to plug up holes
    in theories with wild stories. Heck if you can’t figure it out just say so,
    but don’t try to bs your way through it.

  • William Flosi Sr. says:

    I finally see the idea of critical mass. Separate 2 small fissions, then
    collide them together to achieve this super critical mass implosion.

  • Seyha Seyha says:

    Not good :(

  • Railey Chelette says:

    Now we learn.

  • sking0369 says:

    15:38 showed a German black cross!!

  • fastheinz039 says:

    Nice shot of the escort carrier USS Mindoro (CVE 120) at the 3 minute mark.

  • Gerry Nightingale says:

    “All of the energy and matter that existed still exists. Matter does not
    create energy of itself. The actions of matter enable energy to become

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