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Food Allergy Medicine

A mistake that many people tend to make is that of confusing food intolerance with food allergies. The first thing you need to understand when making these assumptions is that a food allergy can be defined as an IgE response in the body. IgE happens to be an antibody, and it provides reactions the moment the allergen (food) is introduced into the body. The most interesting thing about food intolerance is the fact that the reaction is very, very similar to an allergic reaction. The only difference of course is the fact that IgE is not present throughout the reaction.

How it Happens

There are a number of conditions under which food intolerance or food allergies can ultimately develop, one of which is heredity. In this case it would not be your fault of course, as this food intolerance would have been passed from generation to generation. That being the case, you will want to discuss this with various family members before you give up all hope of eating the foods you love again.

Exposure is just another common condition, and if you are exposed to a certain type of food enough times, you may find that you develop an allergy to it. This is not unheard of, and there are many studies that prove an individual can easily become allergic or intolerant to a food that they tend to eat of a regular basis.

The leading cause of food however, according to many, is leaky gut. This is considered to be a yeast infection and it generally involves holes in the intestine. Which become larger and irritated as a result of exposure to toxins. At some point food may be able to enter the bloodstream, and this will ultimately cause some rather serious problems. As luck would have it however, there are a few methods by which you could fix this issue!

Food Allergy Medicine

There are a number of different types and forms of food allergy medicine as you can probably imagine, and what you will likely be looking for is something that can replenish the body’s supply of the DA enzyme. DAO is the enzyme which helps to break down food once it has entered the intestine, and with that being the case, you will definitely want to have a look at a few different types. Once you find a decent product, you should be able to lower your histamine levels and ultimately live a better life.

As you might expect you could buy this supply over the counter or with a prescription, and if you are suffering from this condition, now would be a great time to look into the different food allergy medicine choices. The thing you really need to remember is that you only live once, and with so many great food choices out there, you really do not want to miss out!

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