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Formula one's costly mathematics

Formula one's costly mathematics
For more than 30 years, formula one thrived in an atmosphere of soap-operatic drama and division. F1 weathered controversies and regular crises with apparent impunity, gaining and retaining a huge worldwide following. Even as teams came and went, and …
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Mouthwatering Math: Culinary Creations Combine Food and Formulas
NEW YORK — What do mathematics and cooking have in common? They both involve a search for beauty in the world around us, one mathematician says. Mercedes Siles Molina is a mathematician at the University of Malaga, in Spain, who wanted to …
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What your degree can do: Mathematics
For those pursuing a degree in Mathematics, there are a number of positions which may be little known, but well-paying: Business Analyst Finance and Credit This position may sound at first to be more of the business student's piece of cake, but a …
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