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Freeslate Launches the CM Prot

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) November 19, 2014

Freeslate, Inc., the leading provider of high throughput research solutions for biopharmaceutical development, today announced the launch of the CM Protégé Reaction Optimization System for streamlining pharmaceutical chemical development. The system greatly reduces the amount of time and material needed to optimize reactions, providing researchers with more information than they have ever been able to capture before.

By adding the Optimization Sampling Reactor (OSR) technology to the CM Protégé platform, Freeslate now allows researchers to fully optimize up to eight reactions simultaneously. Each reactor can be independently heated (200 °C) and pressurized (400 psi) while being stirred overhead. The CM Protégé Reaction Optimization System provides fully-automated dispensing and sampling at reaction conditions without risk of sample loss, automatically profiling the kinetics of any reaction. This combination allows researchers to perform DOE studies earlier in their process development, so there are fewer surprises at the plant.

“Our customers value Freeslate’s high throughput products because the data they generate helps them make informed, scientific decisions that drive their business,” said John S. Senaldi, President and CEO of Freeslate. “With the new capabilities of the CM Protégé Reaction Optimization System, our customers can learn more about their reactions earlier in their process, leading to reduced risk and enabling better decision making.”

Using the CM Protégé Reaction Optimization System, researchers can support a wide range of process development and optimization activities such as maximizing yield and selectivity, improving catalyst loadings, reducing raw material costs, minimizing waste, and mapping process robustness.

The system uses Freeslate’s Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software for library design, protocol development/execution, data analysis, and reporting. This allows users to design complex experiments quickly using its logical recipe-oriented approach, and experimental conditions can be linked to analytical data for easy viewing and reporting.

About Freeslate

Freeslate is a privately held company providing laboratory automation products that dramatically improve the productivity and innovation of drug development organizations. For more than a decade, Freeslate has been working with customers to automate complex chemical research processes. Our resulting product line includes solutions for protein and vaccine drug formulation development, small molecule solubility, and polymorph screening and process chemistry. We start with a scientific understanding of our customer’s bottlenecks and utilize our robust and proprietary automation platforms and integrated Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software suite to deliver solutions that make a difference. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with direct sales and service in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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