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Here’s What Happens When You Work Out With An Olympian

If you’re going to work out with an Olympian, it’s crucial to pick the right sport. Swimming’s out (Who wants to stand next to a 22-year-old world-class swimmer while wearing a bathing suit?). Gymnastics, also a non-starter (Has anyone not had a traumatic run-in with a vault?). Pole vaulting? Seems like you’d need a lot of strength, coordination and an understanding of physics (no, no and no). Then, a light bulb moment: fencing! It involves…what? A lot of lunging? I could do that.

So I arranged to work out with Nzingha Prescod, 23, a Brooklyn, N.Y., native and Columbia University grad who won the bronze medal in the 2015 World Championships and will be competing in her second Olympics in Rio. I kind of assumed (all right, hoped) we’d just gear up and start hitting each other with the swords.

When I met up with Prescod, who’s 5’4” and pure muscle, at the Fencers Club in Manhattan, I had no expectations. We warmed up with dynamic stretches (think slow walking lunges) and did some high knees and butt kicks across the room to get our heart rates up. So far, so good.

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