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Hindi literature is Part of Movies Now

India is a place of versatility. Indian literature also has path with other existing entity.  Several languages have developed literature in unique methods. Bihar and UP are well known for the ease of Hindi literature. West Bengal is famous for its philosophy and intellects as its features on literature. West Bengal Hindi Newshas its indication of lifestyle of the Bengali people wherein Bengali literature have distinctiveness of unbound thus limiting the quality of intellect. Bollywood movies and West Bengal movies have registered time to time the presence of this quality. Making movies out of literature does not seem to be an easy job. One must do justice for the film as well as for the literary work. Hindi movie reviews of such production are probably unjust.  Effort of one’s cannot be reviewed in just one paragraph

The untold story: Literature

Hindi literature came into existence long ago. Importance of it has gone somewhat dilute but the presence of this is still unchanged. There are possibilities of achieving the prominence again and get the place in future. Surely you will see blow of literature as it is the only method where the language travels and flourishes through the generations. A method to save or preserve is to provide a visual representation such as making movie out of it. The sentiment is mutual but translating a literature into movie is a difficult task. Time is waiting for such creators to take up the difficulty in hand. Hindi news also has some impact due to it’s the language and its reach.

Harsh drive of criticism

People are very much feared about performing such things since they are bit afraid of working against the league. Commercial art movies have mislaid their impact on the viewers. This would not be a condition but it is certainly thought by the movie makers. Hindi movie reviews is the one form of criticism which acts as reprimand for functioning against the approved line of work. You must understand the function when you witness such conditions and should not follow it . This act should be executed with creativity.

Admiration functions best

Whether it is a Hindi movie reviews or Hindi literature, one should be thoughtful in her or his activity. When anyone destructs a person while moving in a specified direction, his or her thought would be lost. The person should not bother about what the Hindi news will highlight on the work. Admiration will surely make the way to great progress.




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