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Hour Physics: What makes a good (or bad) youtube science video

November 30 Colloquium at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. Thanks to Neil Turok for inviting me to speak! also available…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Hour Physics: What makes a good (or bad) youtube science video

  • Justin Briand says:

    I can watch this !

  • Dr. Astrô Nauth says:

    Good video, but you say “umm” so often that I only get annoyed. It would be
    10x better if you would skip those sounds. I’m not a native speaker so I
    don’t do that umm-sound myself, but I understand it. But please, stop it. 

  • patrick jones says:

    this is brilliant

  • Leigh Edwards says:

    Speedy is good because there’s always pause, rewind and repeat if it
    doesn’t go in the first time round, and if does then its done.

  • Kone Ahonen says:

    stick to your minute scale : )

  • Elfos64 says:

    I disagree with what that guy said about background music implying that the
    video isn’t interesting enough and that they have to add music to distract
    you with and make it less boring. He seems to be unfamiliar with the
    concept of “white noise”. As for things like the news that cut in more
    “interesting” stories between science reports, that’s actually a legitimate
    concern… sort of. Variety is needed, otherwise it’ll get stale/boring,
    but it still has to be related, on the same palette, tangential topics that
    can logically be associated.

    As for what that guy said about other channels covering similar topics,
    that what collabs are for. 

  • MrEternalFool says:

    Hour Physics: What makes a good (or bad) youtube science video

  • Splexsychiick says:


  • Raffy Kock says:

    Beautiful scaffolding around the Cathedral de Barcelona

  • Keiya Bachhuber says:

    “Physics has this love affair with history. Math doesn’t.”Are you kidding
    me? Math LOVES its history. We teach kids math in order of discovery…
    despite the fact that young kids actually understand calculus faster than
    arithmetic, and learn arithmetic quite quickly once they have the

    (Incidentally, you then go into the fix for physics, which is the same as
    math: progressive refinement. Give a decent, kinda blurry but mostly right
    overview, then improve on that, and improve. Teach for understanding, not
    being able to take numbers and give a number.)

  • Raffy Kock says:

    My new Guru!

  • Vegan Rosa says:

    This is totally irrelevant: I am in love with u

  • Raffy Kock says:

    Glad to see the person behind minute-everything

  • S. Troise says:

    It’s a lot like speaking to kids, right? Teaching isn’t easy and I think Mr
    Reich does it brilliantly and effortlessly. That’s just awesome in my
    opinion. I’m an Italian philosophy major (although I mostly study
    communication theory) and watching minutephysics is what I do in my free
    time, when I /choose/ to actually sit down and learn while having fun. And
    I honestly don’t know much about maths and physics, I probably never will,
    but the thing is: this project makes me want to and that’s just like
    motivating… Kids. Quality, contents and simplicity. Also a rassuring
    voice, but that’s very subjective. Awesome.

  • Brandon L says:

    I’m 13, and I love these videos.

  • Maya Luv says:

    I have a very short attention span lol. That is why I watch your
    vids(Except for this one) Thumbs up if you agree XP

  • SirPkzInHD says:

    This is honestly probably one of the best though out and presented lectures
    i’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. You grabbed my attention and kept
    me interested in a topic that has nothing to do with my normal interests,
    and teach me about that topic at the same time. Incredible 

  • Nicholas V. says:

    Ditto. Literally.

  • OverLordGoldDragon says:

    I’m OverLordGoldDragon and you, are an internet troll.

  • TheBrownydude says:

    why teach physics the way it was discovered when you can teach it the way
    it is understood – mineutephysics

  • OverLordGoldDragon says:

    I love your videos but I disagree with your perspective of 4th dimension.

  • Nathan Broderick says:

    What does this guy have against Microsoft Word? Wouldn’t the content of the
    words be more important than what you use to write them?

  • Twixgtx says:

    a lot of little pricks… his ‘ums’ weren’t a big problem. my speech
    professor actually told me, ‘be yourself’ that ‘um’ is okay. the object
    isn’t to eliminate ‘um’ but to reduce it. it’s about confidence, and
    effectively communicating a message. i doubt any of you prepubescent
    assholes talking crap about his ‘ums’ speak perfectly, let alone to
    audiences. now, i agree it was a little distracting, but overall(because i
    don’t have a short attention span) it was a good presentation.

  • Flashstorm1 says:


  • Michał Kulesza says:

    He’s kind of hater.

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