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How Physical Fitness Developed

Physical fitness is considered one of the important elements for overall health and wellness. Modern fitness centers may be equipped with state-of-the-art equipments, but the idea of maintaining one’s physical fitness has been around for ages. Here are some facts describing how attention to physical fitness developed across history.

As historical records can attest, primitive nomadic lifestyle required hunting and gathering food for survival. Since tribes commonly went on hunting journeys for food and water, regular physical activity was a principal component of life. After the successful hunting and gathering excursions, people also took trips of six up to twenty miles to neighboring tribes to visit tribes, where dancing and cultural games last for several hours. This lifestyle demanded a high level of fitness, and so various forms of physical activity were popular and necessary.

Aside from their interest in philosophy, the ancient Greeks were also idealists when it comes to physical fitness. The Greeks believed that physical development was as important as mental development, so gymnastics was considered to be one of the most important classroom topics. Exercises took place in a special indoor facility, and were supervised by paidotribes, who are similar to modern fitness trainers.

With the influence of the ancient Greeks, children today also have physical education classes in school. Physical education classes, however, were first developed in the late 1900s. Many school instructors believed that incorporating exercise programs and various sports will improve health-related fitness. A modern Glendale fitness center may not exist then, but people were exposed to regular exercises through the school system.

In the 20th century, even political leaders recognized the importance of exercise and physical activity. Since they had the power to encourage people to be physically active, physical fitness campaigns and rigorous exercise programs became more popular, particularly in the US when Theodore Roosevelt was President. Although a Glendale fitness center may not exist then, US citizens became more conscious of their physical health.

As technology continues to touch and improve most things, it also plays a part in modernizing the concept of physical fitness globally. A modern Glendale fitness center seen in your town may normally have equipments and facilities not seen in the past, but the general goal of providing a place for people’s physical fitness and education is still present. Through these fitness centers, people have an avenue to maintain overall fitness.

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