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Improvement in higher education be linked with global changes


The Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) Vice-Chairman T.P. Sreenivasan  has said that any concern on changes in higher education area in the nation should take into account the fast changes happening on the planet.

Stressing the significance of employability as a significant objective of education, Mr. Sreenivasan said that unless the instructional school was able to provide its learners understanding and understanding that would help them make money, education would fall short to provide its objective. He also said that there should be powerful linkages between businesses and universities and universities. In many nations around the world, businesses were part of the training process, he said including that there is no philosophy in instructional ideas.

Referring to controversy about independence of universities and universities, the KSHEC Vice-Chairman said that independence should be attached with liability.

Touching on the debatable concern of higher education nationwide politics, he said that higher education nationwide politics was satisfactory if it would allow learners to be upcoming management of the nation. However, politicisation of universities and universities and universities was a bad thing.

Inaugurating the ‘National workshop on higher education inIndia: difficulties and prospects’ sorted by the Kannur University Partnership on the higher education university at Mangattuparamba here on Wednesday, Mr. Sreenivasan, former diplomat, said that education should focus on the specifications of upcoming. The whole large practice of teaching the thousands and thousands in the nation would generate wonder as to how it had labored so far and how it would work later on, he said. The instructional group, perhaps, was the only section in community that avoids any changes, he said including that when the modify was included it was done half-heatedly. Unless the modify was approved, the instructional group could not provide learners for upcoming, he included.

He also said that education in the nation had achieved positive results exceptionally from personal universities and universities. He also said that philosophy had to be set aside while discussing engagement of overseas universities and universities in the nation. Not a single American native indian Company of Engineering had been involved in the list of 200 best universities and universities on the planet, he said.

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“We have to think hard how far our universities and universities can be designed on exterior versions,” he requested,

Mr. Sreenivasan said that the KSHEC was thinking the idea of generating the Condition Evaluation and Qualification Government which would allow the council to select better organizations to be given rewards.

Economist Prabhat Patnaik in his keynote deal with at the workshop hit a different please be aware saying that the objective of education was to make natural intellectuals to provide the social order. If the objective was to make learners employable in the market, getting of organizations was certain to be the effect. The nation did not want imitations of overseas school, he talked about. Training in different organizations could not be homogenous, he said including that there was an attempt to homogenise education to make deviant universities and universities in accordance, he discovered.


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