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Increasing Number of Sullivan County’s Business Suppliers, Vendors and Local Residents Signing up to Support China City of America—Thompson Education Center Project

(PRWEB) December 20, 2014

There have been a number of project events held by Thompson Education Center which were well attended and highly successful. These events brought together many of the local businesses that will have the opportunity to work on the project or can benefit from its commencement. These events were also produced to ensure those business owners have a better idea of the project and to realize that the project will promote economic growth in the region and increase the number of job opportunities. As of recently, there has been an increasing number of local businesses and residents coming to show support for the project because it has the potential to spur economic growth, job creation, and to increase the amount of visitors to the region.

During these project events, the most common question asked by some of the attendants was whether they will get some jobs or find new business opportunities from the Thompson Education Center project. In order to relieve their concern, Sherry Li, CEO of Thompson Education Center project, reassured that “the local workforce and businesses will be considered as our employment priority, and we’ll create huge amount of job opportunities to them as promised.”

Thompson Education Center project will provide a business center for the local business to promote their service and products to the school community. In fact, some of the Sullivan County’s local businesses such as student health insurance agents, retail banks (ATM), restaurants, convenient store, supermarket, clothing boutique, car dealers, cleaning stores, etc are very willing to become the business providers for the community.

Furthermore, Thompson Education Center project has already received a massive amount of support letters signed by local businesses and residents, here’s their reasons:

1.    This project will bring a large number of jobs to Sullivan County. Initially and throughout the project, many construction and real estate workers will be employed. Once the project is complete, there will be many job openings at the Thompson Education Center including but not limited to professors, instructors, school book store and shop keepers, chefs, landscapers, cleaning, and maintenance workers.

2.    Aside from the jobs directly created from the project and the day-to-day operations on-location, there will be a ripple effect throughout the community. These new workers and resources required to run the Thompson Education Center will increase demand greatly for local goods and services, benefiting the local community.

3.    The Thompson Education Center would generate huge economic growth and millions of dollars in tax revenue for the county every year.

4.    All the materials using on the construction will be environmental-friendly.

The project marketing research shows that more and more local individuals and businesses from Sullivan County are now showing interest and support for the Thompson Education Center project.

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