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Is Anxiety Linked To Suicide Risks?

Reports of nervousness, anxiety and general unease have increased steadily over the past twenty years.  Anxiety disorders now affect more than 19 million adults in the US.  It’s not certain what this means – are people now more anxious than twenty years ago?  Are men now more likely to report panic attacks or anxiety issues than they were twenty years ago?  Researchers have suggested that whatever the cause, the findings should ring alarm bells and be taken seriously.

Another study of 34,000 men and women found a pronounced link between anxiety disorders and the risk of suicide.  Those suffering from panic attacks or anxiety are reportedly up to nine times more likely to attempt suicide within the next ten years.

There is a disparity between men and women in the study.  Men who are suffering with severe anxiety problems are nearly three times as likely to contemplate suicide compared to their female counterparts. Women with anxiety issues were found to be nearly four times more likely to think about committing suicide than women who reported no such issues, but men were nine times more likely to consider suicide than healthy men.

What does this tell us?  Why are men suffering from panic disorders more likely to commit suicide than women in the same situation?  Do women find it easier to cope with the problem?  Are men more likely to take a decisive, terrible final step?  Or are the various routes for support for a panic disorder easier for women to find than men?

It has been found that more women attempt suicide than men, but men are more likely to complete suicide.  In the U.S suicide is the 8th largest cause of death in men, and 19th largest cause of death in women.

If someone you know or care about mentions suicide to you, do not scoff or ignore their statement – take their words seriously.  At the very least the person is indicating to you – someone they trust – that they are in a deeply concerning emotional state.  If you think that someone is in serious danger of causing themselves injury, do not leave them by themselves.  Call someone for help, and ensure that there are no means for the person in danger to harm themselves.  Talk to them, listen without judging them, and help them to find the professional help they need.

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