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Is Economics Good Major?

What can you do with a Economics degree? Are there jobs in Economics? What’s the difference between business economics & economics? What are jobs in Economic…

25 Responses to Is Economics Good Major?

  • EngineeredTruth says:

    My next major video will be, “Is Math a Good Major?” Reply with your
    questions, or tweet it to me 

  • Luna Ambaye says:

    Does it matter what school you get your degree from? Excluding Ivy League
    schools of course.

  • ThatAznGamer says:

    Can you make a video on finance major?

  • Filip Tino says:

    Dear EngineeredTruth,
    I am a high school student from Serbia.I have the the a opportunity to go
    to Japan to study hospitality management.Do you think I can get a job in
    the U.S. with such a a degree?

  • Kristy Ybarra says:

    do you think a finance degree or economics degree is more valuable for
    someone who wants to become an analyst?

  • EngineeredTruth says:

    Post video ideas in the comments!

  • coolgent75 says:

    I agree with the whole video up until 4:08. My bachelor’s is in economics
    and minors in CS. I am pretty rare and has gotten me some lucrative
    interviews and offers. The business courses helped with analysts offer, but
    for the most part these interview opportunities have come to life only
    because I minored in CS. My minor in CS actually got me my job now. This
    example is anecdotal, but maybe others have had the same experience?

  • Greg Parker says:

    Do you feel that all minors are non-helpful? I’m considering Electrical
    Engineering with a minor in Computer Science as opposed to a major Computer
    Engineering, and Comp Sci minors take more CS classes than Computer
    Engineers would. Will this minor help at all in attaining a job in my

  • 2012mapleleafs says:

    Women’s studies lolol

  • Nica Tan says:

    Haven’t been back here in a couple months, just been busy with study and
    work. You’re videos have improved so much!! The context has always been
    great, I’m taking about the editing and the sound. I like how you take vid
    clips from different settings and you have words pop up every now and then.
    Great job !! :)) will check in more often now

  • Komari Herring says:

    Petroleum geology & oil industry; how hard it is; how long it takes; salary

  • AlexTheDrummer says:

    Which major is needed more Economic or Marketing? 

  • Louie Guinto says:

    you should make a video about how an individual should start a career. What
    I mean by that is to give advice on “Should you get an associate degree
    first then get an experience then get your bachelors” etc..

  • chloemallows says:

    Is software engineering a good major?
    If you apply as a comp sci major and your alternative(if comp sci is
    impacted and i cant get in) is Software engineering

  • Omoiyari23 says:

    Hmmm I have to disagree with you on this major. I think it is In theory a
    good degree and it does teach you helpful information but in the industry
    very dirty for the most part. It is a tricky one it looks good but the the
    work field has many problems. Just my opinion though…

  • Weightlifting Ninja says:

    +EngineeredTruth Can you do BS in Accounting next/soon please!

  • SweetTarte14 says:

    Can you do one on marketing? And dual degrees like bs/ms? And md/phd?

  • Bryson Stewart says:


  • chloemallows says:

    Do you enjoy your job? 

  • JustinQuiksilver says:

    Great vid man :)

  • Texass Scratchers says:

    For a sec I thought u were going to say this major sucks. Economics not for
    me rather be doing something hands on and sitting at a computer. 

  • jmoushm0uth says:


  • Ghatoson says:

    I see you play League or atleast watch it

  • KylerCG says:

    Environmental Science!!

  • Anthony Soto says:

    Do a video on majoring in Geography? My friend is doing it and I do not
    know much about it, it would be nice to see your point of view on that
    major. Just an Idea.

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