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Latest Artificial Intelligence News

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
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Aren’t we all just CPUs in a chassis, wishing we had better memory and hoping we have a good long life before obsolescence?

Artificial Intelligence Catches Fire in Ethiopia
The driver for this unexpected artificial intelligence (AI) industry sector is the autocratic government's massive multi-billion dollar, ultra-high tech, industrial plans and its fervent development of higher education to support them. Today, there are …
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In a World of Artificial Intelligence, Where Will Latin Americans Work?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a moment. With the success of computer systems like IBM's Watson (the first AI to win at Jeopardy against human competitors) and now the "Amelia" program from tech company IPsoft, technology is accelerating …
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Numenta's Grok for IT: Artificial intelligence meets network performance analysis
Numenta, founded by Jeff Hawkins, the founder of Palm Computing turned artificial intelligence researcher, argues that the best solution lies in artificially intelligent system that perform complex pattern detection, use automated modeling, and …
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