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Latest Chemistry News

Dancing with Atoms: Innovative Art Advances Computing and Chemistry
Glowacki has funded the project with both art and science grants, bringing together almost forty collaborators from the fields of physics, chemistry, computer science, contemporary dance, choreography and music composition. While the original aim of …
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Don't Blame Collapse on Team Chemistry
The thing is, I don't think that Beane messed with the team's chemistry. Making trades and messing with chemistry are two different things. I consider “messing with chemistry” to be putting players who don't get along in the same clubhouse. But I don't …
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John Badding, professor of chemistry at Penn State, talks about his research.
John Badding, professor of chemistry at Penn State University, leads a research team that has discovered how to produce super-strong, super-thin "diamond nanothreads" that promise extraordinary properties such as strength and stiffness higher than that …
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