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Latest Physics News

Rebel science: Studying physics can give wayward teens a cause
Despite the stereotype of the lovable nerd being embraced by popular culture in TV shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and on T-shirts like “Talk nerdy to me,” the truth is that physics is the rebel's subject. It's for those who reject all authority, even …
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Climate change and the physics of falling icebergs
"Imagine a sheer, vertical ice face three times as tall as the tallest building in Atlanta breaking off from a glacier and flipping 90 degrees," says Emory physicist Justin Burton. "In my lab, we can calculate how much energy is released during one of …
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Don Bradman Cricket 14 patch adds cartwheeling stump physics
They're continuing to update the game with various patches and bug fixes, but this latest one has something a little hilarious to add to the mix: cartwheeling stumps. In the official patch notes, they're simply described as “Exaggerated Stump Physics …

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