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Latest Physics News

Hypnotic Little Video Uses Bowling Balls To Demonstrate Basic Physics
Everyone knows bowling balls are for knocking things down. But it turns out they're also pretty good at shoring up our knowledge of basic physics. Just have a look at this strangely hypnotic YouTube video showing a line of bowling balls on strings …
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A physics experiment might soon tell us if we're living in a 2D hologram
For all we know, the three dimensional world we see around us is really an illusion — one that's actually in 2D. It's a slightly unsettling idea, but it's also one that physicists have been thinking about for some time. Unfortunately, until recently …
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Physics class at Ellis shows active learning's potential
Ellis School physics teacher Sam Rauhala knew his ninth-graders understood physics better last school year as he increased the amount of active learning and decreased the amount of lecturing. Now the school's research findings point in the same direction.
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