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Literature essay: nuggets of wisdom in writing a literature essay

Writing a literature essay is almost inventible if you are a student. As such tips in writing an award wining literature essay is like a glass of water in the wilderness. In this piece, we are going to look at the nuggets of wisdom that you must implement when writing a professional literature essay  

Nugget 1: Understanding a literature essay

A literature essay is a piece of writing that informs the reader by delivering a message based on literature. Keep it in mind that writing a literature essay does not play the role of persuading your reader but rather inform him or her. Its focal point is the subject of the essay and not the writer

Nugget 2: About the literature essay subject

It must be manageable for the purposed length of your paper
Make sure that it is neither too narrow nor too broad
It must be engaging and relevant to the approach that you will give your essay
The advantage of writing a literature essay is that you can write about anything related to literature. This gives you the advantage to write on a topic that interests you.

Nugget 3: About the introduction

Your introduction must introduce your topic, name of the writer and work and it must end with a thesis statement. While a boring introduction simply puts your reader away, an interesting introduction captivates your reader to reading the rest of your essay. You must ensure to have the latter.
Give a clear and full reference to the work and author you are writing about

Nugget 4: Thesis statement

It states the central idea of your essay

Nugget 5: The body

Have a logical organization of your essay to enhance a progression of thoughts. To achieve this, use transitional words in the paragraphs of the entire essay

Base your ideas on facts

Nugget 6: Conclusion

The conclusion is basically the summary of your main points.

It must have a sense of closure

Nugget 7: Establishing the tone

Keep it in mind that when writing a literature essay, language and voice are the major aspects that contribute to the building of your tone.

Sense of language

Give attention to grammar, spelling, word choice and punctuation. Exhibit a greater sense of prose. Enhance a graceful language


Have a voice of authority to win the trust of your readers. However, you do not have to write with a strictly formal voice. Use a conversational style of writing to engage your reader.

Nugget 8: Do’s in writing a literature essay

Demonstrate a convincing command of writing techniques. This will help you evince a sense of language
Proof read your essay
Document the information used from sources outsider the work of literature correctly. It is astute to use the MLA documentation style
Format and reference your work correctly.
Punctuate quoted materials accurately
Use present tense
Use technical terms correctly
It is critical to be conversant with the standards and writing techniques expected in your essay writing
Build trust and authority with your readers by filling your essay with details and specific facts
Do not be boring.

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