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Made in Israel – Technology

Gordon Robertson looks at many of the things we use every day that had their start in Israel.
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25 Responses to Made in Israel – Technology

  • Ritesh Chand says:

    I really admire Israel and its people. They overcame such adversities and
    build this great nation called Israel.
    Muslims cant cry foul over Israel’s creation…..since they invaded
    numerous countries such as India, and divided it into Pakistan and
    Bangladesh, I know Muslims in Middle East are too dumb and idiot to come
    together and build great nations, instead they fight over which sect is
    better……I am a Hindu btw.

  • Avi Cohen says:

    funny to see how hard the satanic muslim liars try make you hate israel ))
    they use fake names fake pics as the kuran force them to the satanic part
    of the koran (995 of muslim not aware of the satan they worshiep as there
    “allah” only 1% know the truth they are smart and the leaders of isis hams
    el qaeda and on …)also allow them to steal kill lie to all other
    religion as we say in israel do not belive a muslim even after he is 70
    years in the grave!! today the western is aware of the real cruel muslims
    do not have fear ! isis is a joke compare to hamas we deal with its the
    terror idea to put fear in your heart but at the moment you attack them
    those satanic cowards run and cry to the world !!! here real israel what 1.8
    bilion muslim did lately ???????

  • Brindley Jayatunga says:

    We support Israel

  • Angelo Razera says:

    **ISRAEL**! Se vocês acreditassem mesmo em* DEUS* , não precisariam de
    tanto aparato militar , pois eu creio , que mesmo com tudo isso, DEUS , vai
    entrega-los nas mão dos combatentes do HAMAS , DEUS é justo , ele é o único
    , conhecedor de todas as confidencias , e vocês esqueceram dos seus passado
    ,então é que este passado é duvidoso ,se acham todo poderoso , mas na
    verdade estão longe de ser a verdadeira Israel , pois a verdadeira Israel
    hoje estaria anunciando o DEUS vivo , e não matando seus vizinhos , então
    só me resta a crer em uma verdade !………Vocês são sim impostores , e eu
    ainda ponho uma pergunta no ar ???????Aonde estão os verdadeiros HEBREUS ?
    ……………Uma verdade ! Quem foi *****[CIRO , O GRANDE ] , este povo
    tem surpresinhas para vocês , ……………….PAGUEM PARA VER .

  • שרית אסף says:

    Israeli Technology
    #Gaza #Palestine #Israel #Technology #Innovation 

  • Alexander Nikolov says:

    What a load of CRAP.

  • bertha yellowfinch says:

    The hype about superior israeli technology is a bold faced lie.

  • Diana Sara Leal-Klevezas says:

    A lot to learn from Israel for so many countries.

  • Yanni Tzili says:

    If Israel is NOT a racist Apartheid… why don’t they allow the Palestinian
    Refugees to return to the land that the ZionistoFascist COlonialists kicked
    them out from? And please save me the Yidiotic comments that “We fought
    wars with the Arabs and we won”… because a) the Palestinians did not
    fight anybody b) Nobody authorized the Arabs to fight for the Palestinians
    c)… if you legitimize war… then expect war back… So you lose your
    argument about the peaceful Israelis… and the terrorist Arabs, because
    actually it’s the other way around. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq… and almost…
    Iran can testify otherwise.

  • Jon Habibulloev says:

    People what happened to you? why do you hate each others? Why are you
    racist ? Look at any religion and it’s history and of course you can see
    that we are all one people and we are all brothers and sisters. I love both
    Arab and Jewish people. No religion says to hate. We have religion to
    live in peace not to hate each other dear youtubers .Please love each
    other.Please love and love…. 🙂 Make tea not war :)

  • branded says:

    A small nation but a mighty giant in many ways .

  • ben süleyman says:

    God damn israel

  • The pied piper says:

    I am with the Israeli people but not to the government who supports the
    illegal settlements.

  • mamun IMAM says:

    Mother and sister fucker Israelis. Every Israelis are like as dog. Israelis
    makes sex with their mother and sister. 

  • לירן שוקר says:

    All the arab now talking because they are the stupid nation of the world. 

  • ازدي عسيري كافر atheist says:

    Fuck for Israelis

  • bobshenix says:

    Lol… how the secular zionists play the evangelical crowd like the useful
    idiots they have allowed themselves to become. It’s sad that these
    Westboro Baptist-types don’t even realize how badly they are manipulated
    and how much US tax dollars go to Israel and making sure we occupy various
    bases around Israel.

    A giant headache of a state created by an atheist movement, Irgun. Look
    into how Israel became a state in 1948… Irgun was a terrorist group that
    terrorized Palestinians from the lands/villages they inhabited. In order
    to achieve their goal of an ethnic Jewish state, they even fired upon
    British soldiers of the British Mandate of Palestine.

    They won’t talk about it in the news, certainly not in Hollywood, or in
    history books… but Israel was created with intimidation, terrorism, false
    flags, and the bloodshed of innocent Palestinians.

    I am an Orthodox Christian who supports the Jews’ sworn enemy — the man
    they will convince you is “the new Hitler” (boy do we hear that all the
    time) — and the man who single-handedly restored the soul of his nation,
    Russian Christendom. That is Vladimir Putin of course.

    *And while the Russians are running away from Communism and the soulless
    despair that comes with it… America is on a fast-track to a socialist
    state. While Obama is filmed with his kids coloring eggs on Easter and
    eating chocolate bunnies, Putin is filmed praying at the St. Petersberg
    Church praying and taking his communion. Christianity has grown by leaps
    and bounds in Russia thanks to Putin.*

    Wake up, evangelicals… the secular Jewish warmongers are playing you guys
    for fools. Putin is not the enemy, the Republicrat establishment in
    Washington that is fervently anti-Christian is who you should be directing
    your anger at.

  • MachoNachoes says:

    Israel: Providing the world with the top technologies and medical sciences.
    (a non-existent) Palestine: would provide the world with terror, death, and
    nothing good for anyone else, just like all 22 arab states. 

  • Sam Sulieman says:

    Technology products don’t measure the real civilization of people.

    My father told me a story about the Jews who he used to help them in
    Palestine in 1938… and after they got stronger the same people kicked him
    out of his house and took his land. This is the way of the Jews (or better
    say the Israelies)…I don’t call this a civilization.

    That is how is Israel existed and that is how it was built 🙂 They are
    still doing this till now..They are just a punch of thieves.

    Europe just didn’t know how to get rid of them and get rid of their way
    deceiving and controlling, other than what Hitler did, so they gave them
    Palestine, my dear home land, which we will take back…sooner or later, I
    promise you.

    By the way, Israel is nothing but a little instrument in US hand, they are
    being used for their own goodness, hahaha

  • Eryk Pyts says:

    a million-American-dollar question:
    since Joos are such amazing entrepreneurs & engineers, why they were able
    to “build” their amazing Israel ONLY AT THE TIME WHEN AMERICAN ECONOMY &
    why at this time only?
    why amazing Joos were not able to build anything in 1930-1933 (when
    Americans were busy with their Great Depression) ?

  • bechar dannaoui says:

    wow they even mades cars planes they went to the moon mars the invented the
    earth ?? never new that every thing i use made in israel secretly ?? wow
    wow wow

  • Ezra Silvershekelstein says:

    Eh heh heh heh, good, good, Israel is perfect and harmonious and totally
    doesn’t put its Black immigrants in concentration camps, heheheheh…

  • Gilber Romero says:

    God bless israelllll, dios bendiga israel

  • Munther G-mail says:
  • bechar dannaoui says:

    wow they even mades cars planes they went to the moon mars the invented the
    earth ?? never new that every thing i use made in israel secretly ?? wow
    wow wow

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