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Maroof Raza – Think Literature 2013 – Full Speech

Renowned expert on Strategic Affairs Mr. Maroof Raza addresses tha audince at ‘Think Literature’ 2013 event organised by Tefla’s — Full Speech Maroof Raza T…
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13 Responses to Maroof Raza – Think Literature 2013 – Full Speech

  • Sushil Vatsa says:

    A very informative video on how and why Pukistan was created.

  • Sushil Vatsa says:

    A very informative video on how and why Pukistan was created.

  • Shirish Dave says:

    According to Maroof Raza, “we cannot select neighbor” has been stated by
    MMS. But actually, it had been said by Atal Bihari Bajpai as soon as he
    took rein in his hand. If Maroof Raza is of the opinion that it was only
    Muslim community of cow belt who wanted Pakistan, and not else. But those
    who did not want Pakistan, got Pakistan and who wanted Pakistan did not
    get. If this is the case then there is no problem of getting India and
    Pakistan reunited. At least we can have a Federal Union. Why Maroof Raza
    and the radical Pakistani people should not think on this line? 

  • Arish Sahani says:

    Future of hindu /sindhi Punjabi who converted to islam lies to shed islam
    they accepted due to distress go live now they should also leave islam just
    to live. Under islam death and destruction is your birthright. Saudis hate
    you all and all converts and after 1000 yrs still you are keeping your
    minds and soul closed your next generation will suffer more then you .
    Hindu will love to see you leave islam and join Hindus and live good life .
    Arabs will hate you if leave islam and kill you( they don’t love you
    any way) and now they have no soldiers to fight .
    Choice is yours.

  • Yajna Kammaje says:

    Pl take some time out to listen to this great analyst Masood Raja 

  • Rajesh Kochhar says:

    Bravo Mr Raza. A brilliant analysis. A year later hwen our leadship has
    changed one would like to hear your views on the scenario.

  • Ramesh chandra Tripathi says:

    I appreciate clarity of vision and expression. Congrats.

  • P S Dutta says:

    Fantastic analysis Maroof. You are a gem in India’s crown. 

  • Manoj Kumar says:

    excellent expression of facts buttered with thoughts that has been derived
    with immense knowledge Hats off and looking forward to hear more from you
    Shri Maroof Raza Thanks

  • Sushil Dwivedi says:

    A well researched and excellently delivered speech. We, the people in
    uniform are proud of you Maroof Raza…

  • Gopi Kanta Ghosh says:


  • saagar9 says:

    awesome maroof

  • Rishi Sharma says:

    Excellent talk , u are the Pride of our Army and the country.

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