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Married to Medicine | Season 2: Ep. 8 | Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner?

Married to Medicine | Season 2: Ep. 8 | Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner?

Married to Medicine | Season 2: Ep. 8 | Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner? Married to Medicine | Season 2: Ep. 8 | Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner? Married t…
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25 Responses to Married to Medicine | Season 2: Ep. 8 | Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner?

  • Rachel Ngugi says:

    Toya needs to learn the present………,past……….. and future

  • boatis23 says:

    Toya’s kids are too cute!

  • Tamara Laird says:

    Really Mariah? The type of home you came from? Look at your mother, Lucy.
    What type of home did you come from?

  • Yolanda Cleare says:

    I love DR Heavenly. Finally someone who is not fake like hell on this show.
    The funniest part is they cant do nothing about her honesty. LOL

  • Mademoiselle Sarah says:

    Omg I actually cannot with Dr. Heavenly.. She’s really all too much! PWA
    She’s just in everyone’s business.. Ugh and the shade soiree she hosted was
    too much

  • Pamela Owensby says:

    Why is Dr Heavenly into everyone’s business? Just a busybody and nosey.
    Stop Heavenly cause you’re behaving Devilish! 

  • Rawhealthbitch says:

    I have 2 computers and for some reason ALL of your videos stop around 28
    minutes !

  • Miz Tasti says:

    I thought the open discussion with Dr. Heavenly was nice, since they all
    claim to be “keeping it real”.

  • Chelseaa Moses says:

    I honestly think Quad was looking for any reason not to be Mariah
    friend.This is immature .

  • Mizz Barbara says:

    Oh Lawd!!!!! Dr Heavenly’s Honesty is something else……but i like it

  • karen thomas says:

    They did not invite Miriah to the dinner because they did not want any
    drama. Yet, they still had drama. They want to talk about Miriah, but it
    seems they all have some Miriah in them. They are just low-down and back
    stabbing ass women. Once again, blame it on Mirah.

  • Fatima Teresa Traore Bello says:

    Dr heveanly is honest as hell and she cant help it jajajaja

  • Lisa Geter says:

    Mariah would rather a stranger get the cover than her OWN friend????

  • alice tindi lee says:

    Thoya’s broken english, this girl’s grammer is a mess, “theres a person in
    her that has came out….” really does she speak english everyday? supposed
    to say theres a person that has come out! she says “you shoulda did”
    instead of you shoulda done” smh….I dont believe there are people in
    America who cant speak proper English.

  • La Vonia Clay says:

    Toya and her husband got robbed by a bank. Who is the gangsters?

  • Wynnchime says:

    At this point I’m only still watching this series to see Sybil……I meant
    Mariah get her comupence! (probably not spelling it right) but y’all catch
    the shade I’m pulling down!!!! You can’t be that darn evil without getting
    what’s coming to you eventually!! Burn that witch at the stake and throw a

  • konye618 says:

    Dr. Heavenly is throwing shade like she is playing frisbee for fun!

  • Bianca Shauna says:

    OMG lmao Dr. Heavenly Oh my God!!!!

  • Alegna Ajai says:

    TMZ needs to just buy the STK security tapes and release them..though
    everyone there that day has said the very same thing that Quad said
    happened…Mariah is delusional…

  • MISSY BELLE says:

    Oh shit, Heavenly just did that. My God this show is to much…..

  • karen thomas says:

    These women are so petty and turn on each other like the drop of a dime.
    Next week I wonder who they will all hate.

  • kingsufian07 says:

    I like mariah because it’s beautiful when you see two culture and religion
    married and build a family, god bless her. But what sad…. i just realize
    miss lucy, as a mother instead of making things worst, should just cool
    things down instead of making things more worst. If you been watching the
    past episode, she’s a bad muse to mariah …. i feel.

  • Cindy Childs says:

    Aaaww… Mariah feels betrayed because Reco used Quad as a covergirl. Let
    someone else shine for once. Take care of your husband and forget about the

  • Wynnchime says:

    The only thing Heavenly is honest about, is the fact that she’s honestly
    bats hot crazy!! 

  • Pretty Love says:

    Dr. Heavenly. Don’t play!

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