Married To Medicine | Season 2: Reunion | Part 1 | The Knowledge Dynasty

Married To Medicine | Season 2: Reunion | Part 1

Married To Medicine | Season 2: Reunion | Part 1 Married To Medicine | Season 2: Reunion | Part 1 Married To Medicine | Season 2: Reunion | Part 1.
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“Medicine” from the new album “the something rain” (2012). A film by David Reeve and Patrick Steel shot in the band’s Le Chien Chanceux Studio. tindersticks …

50 Responses to Married To Medicine | Season 2: Reunion | Part 1

  • wallacegladys9 says:

    Say what you want about Toya but i think when it came to Simone she
    shouldve said more. Simone was disrespectful as hell,she was lying. Im not
    a fan of Toyas but right is right and Toya should have went all in on that

  • iiBEENiLL says:

    Mariah obviously cannot be trusted that’s been proven time and time again.
    I love Jackie and Simone but Simone can never admit when she’s wrong in any
    situation. I personally feel that Simone didn’t mean any harm am if Toya
    felt any type of way she should’ve addressed it right there. It didn’t need
    to blow up in the way that it did because it was never that serious. Even
    though Jackie is quiet I believe whenever she does say anything it’s
    respected because those women can’t come for her if they tried. I love Quad
    I hope her and Mariah can be friends again friendships like those are sad
    when they end they were a great team 

  • PrettyTiaF says:

    I think the women who’ve come up because of their husbands start the most
    drama <.< But I have to agree with Toya, you don't start dancing on someone else's husband, especially if you don't know the family very well. But I think Simone struck a nerve with Toya and more than likely what she said in the end (about her being broke) was true, hence the tears 🙁 I'm starting to like Quad since its revealed that she's told the truth and I'll always feel bad for Jackie and Lisa cuz they're the quiet, lady-like and nice ones amidst some CRAZY sketchy women

  • CerebralMadness says:

    some of them are JEALOUS THEY GOT TO BUSS THEIR ASS WORKING While toya
    get’s the life most traditional women would want..

  • HelloCompanion says:

    “Are you being a good example, with your raggedy broke ass?!”
    Lulzy, Simone laid it down like easy, breezy, beautiful, bad, bitches, and
    Toya will have to deal. It’s about time someone called Toya out on her BS.
    She is always trying to spend money to prove something. She’s going to end
    up sending her husband to the poor house.
    The truly funny part is the fact you can tell Toya knew it was factual. She
    did a full about-face without missing a beat, and then went on and cried.
    If she was truly as well off as she wants others to believe, she’d just
    shrug it off. BAM, bitch. Sit the fuck down.

  • Mademoiselle Sarah says:

    Simone was wrong for that and she knows it.

  • Michelle Edwards says:

    Lord Quad acting brand new.. and so is Lisa.. I don’t know why but I can
    not stand her and to be honest that outfit she has on is tacky and cheap
    looking… she is a complete bore. she has nothing to say.. her husband
    cheated and problem still cheating.. Toya was wrong for talking about
    Mariaha’s daughter she started that fight last season because Maraih tried
    to walk away.. Lisa came out talking about she was team quad from the
    start.. I am waiting for Quad to realize that Mariah had her back and
    pushed for her to be apart of the group when no one else wanted her..Toya
    is broke I don’t care how much her husband works she will spend them into
    oblivan to keep up with the others, sad thing is she can dress for peas..
    Lisa trying to come for people to keep her spot on the show.. I just read
    that Lisa owes uncle same and he is snatching up her I guess
    she’s in the boat with Toya.. Jackie you don’t need a baby because she is
    not willing to slow down to care for a baby..Quad I get her not wanting
    kids and I respect that but the real reason is she is about herself. and
    thats that. I wanna see Lisa and Quad and toya get shut down,, so I can
    call this season.. 

  • Tina Tally says:

    Oh God, the “victim impact panel.” Most of them up there are treacherous.
    Even Dr. Jacky has a little “tacky” to her. And Toya…..Lord have mercy, a
    fool and their money. Superficial and mediocre intelligence describes her
    best. Let’s change the names to describe the characters shall we? “Crying
    Quad,” “Dr. Tacky,” “Dr. Simple Simone,” Mariah the wannabe “Messiah,”
    “Toy,” and “Dr. Hell.”

  • Kerei Bohnn says:

    I love Doctor Heavenly she’s a breath of fresh air. She’s so funny too and
    really makes me laugh she also has really intelligent kids

  • humpty dumpty says:

    Heavenly is full of Hell. She wears submitting to her husband like a badge
    of honor but doesn’t teach her little sassy-mouth daughter to honor and
    respect her…she’s rude, gossips, back stabs and is haughty. For someone
    who thinks they’re so smart she was easily influenced by the other women to
    turn on Mariah even though Mariah had not done anything to her. And
    admitted that Mariah influenced her against the doctors…Alaura’s smart
    mouth isn’t cute and just wait until she becomes a teenager…Heavenly wont
    be able to stand that same smart-mouth she thinks is cute now. If I were
    these women I would never share anything with Toya, Heavenly, nor Mariah
    bcuz they all have diarrhea of the mouth.

  • Ambitious Woman says:

    Total is slow. She doesn’t get it that regardless what Simone did the way
    she handled the situation is everything. She waited til an event to bring
    up something that could have been handled. Mariah did talk about Quad but
    its funny how they all dogged Quan and now she showing her Bossness its
    causing friction. This show should be fun all this money on this show. 

  • MsBlakBuddafli. says:

    Quad is killing me with this victim act

  • DKDAY26ALLDAY01 says:

    Listen the comment of “Raggedy broke ass…..leasing homes and renting cars
    to impress people” struck a nerve to Toya because it is in fact TRUE!!!
    Toya you are not the brightest crayon in the crayola box honey because you
    would want to OWN your home and not rent to own. You guys lost $50K and you
    continue to spend your husbands money but hey that is #noneofmybusiness
    This Quad & Mariah’s friendship was not genuine in the first place. It
    started with negative jealous malice intent therefore it back fired on
    Mariah and it had to end. I just love Dr. Jackie because she shades Dr.
    Heavenly so elegantly.

  • Anastasia Jackson says:

    Simone is fake like them chinese bags, her ghetto ass is coming out now.
    Can’t wait gor next week. 

  • lala4life1000 says:

    Mariah is a big ass liar…lmao…she so fake just like her moma ..lookin
    like slave masters bitch…lmao…she look a hot mess in those outfits big
    ass hats an furs…lol..I don’t think anybody should get within 10 miles of
    these 2..come from the hood an act like black female vampires…put a
    mirror in her face I bet either one turn to dust..lmao

  • DJRenee says:

    All I heard where a bunch of cackling hens the whole time. Did anyone
    understand these chickenheads? Educated my ass….Dr. Jackie maybe…..

  • hypnosquirrel says:

    After seeing this I definitely believe Simone is not “going down” on her
    husband and he better not get home after dark. Toya almost had a Porsha
    moment. Simone, Kenya, and Mamma Joyce got that demonic evil wicked
    indomitable woman spirit. Even when they are dead wrong they fight like
    they have a righteous cause that their lives depend on. Scary and

  • Pretty Rose says:

    Toya got what she deserved from Simone by calling her a bad mother first !
    What did she expect Simone to do stay silent?


    I bet you any money Dr. Simone man is cheating on her…that’s probably why
    she was crying and needed to be excused

  • ricci2188 says:

    Some people say they don’t appreciate Mariah and aren’t grateful….but
    I’ve had friends like her before. Give you assistance then act like they
    made you, and that hurts.

  • CerebralMadness says:

    I don’t fine DR. HEAVENLY’S DAUGHTERS BEHAVIOR cute at all..if I had a
    child she will know how to speak to me ..acting like your grown isn’t will watch how the hell you speak to me and other adults.

  • Destinee Greer says:

    I loved Quad last season, this season she was just dramatic (if it was
    genuine sorry) but I just couldn’t feel it. 

  • Olivia Nneka says:

    Quad ass is killin me with this “im a victim shit” she was waiting for
    mariah to say one thing so that she could find an excuse not to be her
    friend. …if they were friends for that long mariah comments wouldnt have
    done that much damage …that their friendship would be over

  • Mo B says:

    such power trips in the field of medicine! smh

  • Vick Vick says:

    I only know my ma number and work number by heart all. All my friends i
    just look up their name in my phone and dial but that does not mean we are
    not good friends. When i drive to their house after the first time its by
    memory im not looking at streets im looking at familiar things that remind
    me if its their street like a red fence, a light post out. So toyas point
    was irrelevant some people remember things like that some dont but it does
    not making them aby more or less of a friend

  • chloe chloe says:

    Tindersticks ~ Medicine
    The Medicine is Love….
    This medicine you want
    Medicine you need
    Medicine to get you on your feet
    I feel weak

    Cause every single day
    And every single hour too
    That medicine it works inside of you
    In your head
    In your dreams
    In your dreams

    You worked it so hard
    You tried to make it shine
    Medicine it keeps you down half mind
    In your head

    Cause every single day
    And every single hour too
    That medicine it works inside of you
    In your head
    In your dreams
    In your dreams

  • Orttoo Loop says:
  • Mebruka Cesur says:

    Yalnızlığımı dolduracak kadar cok şarkı paylaştığıma inanıyorum…

  • Mario Zaragoza says:
  • ersen öztürk says:
  • margo rani says:

    we have similar music taste ;)

  • Baris OZGUR says:

    Perfection of Music

  • viki vik says:

    This medicine you want Medicine you need Medicine to get you on your feet I
    feel weak Cause every single day And every single hour too That medicine it
    works inside of you In your head In your dreams In your dreams You worked
    it so hard You tried to make it shine Medicine it keeps you down half mind
    In your head Cause every single day And every single hour too That medicine
    it works inside of you In your head In your dreams In your dreams

  • Alex Z says:

    Great One

  • Todaestabien says:

    TINDERSTICKS are back!!! See you in munich on 18.03. – I´m sooo happy
    now…. I adore this sound …. beautiul, fantastic – It is maybe, hmm, 12
    years ago since I met them in their tour bus.. what a beautiful
    coincendence.. .. Did I say that: I´m sooooo happy now!!! If you like:
    Ironfield – Messiah


    J’en rêvais ! Enfin, il arrive !!!!! Merci

  • diowalther says:


  • TheKidsoncapulets says:

    la elegancia de la musica tiene un nombre: tindersticks.

  • UuuhUuuhAhhAhh says:

    One of those musicians, who sing right out of my soul.

  • incredofound says:

    Everything in the clip stands for something…I see….Love it thanks..

  • Maksym M. says:

    i love you.

  • marabou22 says:

    That’s great to hear!

  • TheRadiohelen says:

    cool medicine…

  • stolczi2000 says:

    5 people haven’t taken their medicine yet

  • a music lover in Paris says:

    Absolutely fantastic !!! Can’t wait for the album. See you on tour, guys

  • shaiaramid says:

    Blue love you .

  • GemaIbiza says:

    @TheKidsoncapulets Qué palabras tan bonitas! Muy bien expresado, sí señor!

  • Albert Freeman says:

    Sounding great, lovely video too. Can’t wait for the new album.

  • Caner Bakar says:

    what a nice music, i couldn’t make word for this song, when i listened 🙁

  • Nenad Dragojlovic says:

    It’s a grower!

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