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Mars Anomalies◄ Recent NASA Image Reveals A Valve◄ Evidence Of Technology On Mars◄ Celtic Cross ★★★

A recent NASA image reveals evidence of technology on MARS. The object in the image taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover shows a valve similar to high pressu…
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25 Responses to Mars Anomalies◄ Recent NASA Image Reveals A Valve◄ Evidence Of Technology On Mars◄ Celtic Cross ★★★

  • enigmadigest says:
  • newstart49 says:

    I don’t think it was such intelligent designing. I wouldn’t have tried to
    make a valve chiseling it out of rock. But then you might get $50.00 for it
    at a yard sell.

    What is the scale? It could also be an imprint of a spacecraft footing.


  • Glen Bowers says:

    I really don’t know the details here, outside of what we are being told.
    But, with my mechanical and engineering background, I would say it looks
    like a one cylinder, rotary pump that you might use in irrigation. Just a

  • hoozerob says:

    How come they found possible intelligence there and we have none right
    here!!!! Mainly in our government. lol

  • Quixpeed says:

    did NASA verify this image as theirs?
    this is just mind blowing…

  • Crookedmangaming says:


  • Stargazer Nation™ says:

    Yeah, I saw this one a while back, Think someone said it was like a Celtic
    cross or something but yeah, Amazing!

  • Knowledge for LIFE (Know4LIFE) says:

    Mars evidence of intelligent design: ‘Earth-valve’ found in NASA image

  • Alex S says:

    until i see a picture of an alien standing directly in front of the rover
    putting its middle finger up.. i aint believing shit.

  • Orlando Guerra says:

    Okay, whether your a tin foil hat kind of guy or a bible thumping type of
    guy. You just can’t deny that something like that could have been
    naturally formed. It really is too perfect. Now the question is WHO? and

  • Tom MacDonald says:

    *Mars Anomalies◄ Recent NASA Image Reveals A Valve◄ Evidence Of Technology
    On Mars◄ Celtic Cross ★★★*
    +Rasta novascotiarasta +Paul Richards +# BESTEST +Howard Geldart +Jim Skanes

    Mars Anomalies◄ Recent NASA Image Reveals A Valve◄ Evidence Of Technology
    On Mars◄ Celtic Cross ★★★

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  • rea mils says:
  • Randseed Bin says:

    Unless you can provide a link for that image on an actual NASA web page, I
    say PHOTOSHOP.

  • Bill Heaney says:

    Almost all the objects that look like a sign of civilization all are found
    in nearly identical surroundings, same color and amid other normal looking
    debris that looks like it belongs there. Unless the objects are found where
    they are were supposed to be concealed, then they maybe just there by
    chance. I do think the Face looked like a face, but not enough to be for

  • G VS says:

    Anyone have any ideas where I might find a CD of the band that was playing
    the back ground music? Can’t find anything under “Realism 12 Production

  • RoboIII says:

    Cool but it could’ve been 30 seconds long instead of 3 minutes.

  • Kevin McConnell says:

    I understand that there are a lot of theory’s to what this could be, I
    think that there is one thing we can all agree on, they wouldn’t of
    directed the rover to that location if they wasn’t interested in it. 

  • Noel Benson says:

    I’m always skeptical at first, but if it was a natural occurence, it had to
    be one in millions. But I do wonder if perhaps a probe could of been sent
    there when the Nazi’s were obsessed with space travel and making a ufo,
    time machine, all that. I myself saw 3 seperate ufos in northern california
    while camping, and I do believe there are intelligent beings out there and
    that they have visited earth, but I always have to be skeptical about
    anything. The thing that really got me that it wasn’t from the earth
    (wasn’t even the fact it came as one light, broke into 2, then into 4, then
    back into 2, then into one and flew away) but the strange purple glow it
    gave off. Not like a halogen, not like a spotlight, not even like a
    blacklight, but a creamy, almost particle blur that swirled slowly around
    in circles like dumping purple paint down a drain. Even saw it in the
    daytime around noon, it looked like 2 metallic crystals back to back with
    some kind of landing tripod looking things at the bottom with the same
    lights on, during the day it still glowed. Me and my friend both drew
    pictures of what we saw comparing them, crazy. Can’t wait till there’s
    solid evidence of life on mars, maybe a huge skeletal fossil would be
    awesome. I’d bet if they do they look alot similar to beings on earth,
    nothing too sci fi.

  • Marc Gregory says:

    Check the NASA link folks. This is from the microscopic imager. This is an
    impression made by the rover in sandy gravel material. Check out some of
    the other microscopic images, like opportunity sol 3727, and you will see
    evidence of similar compression of sandy material. What is actually
    interesting is how moist the material seems to be to hold together so well.

  • Chris Stafford says:

    Does anyone know all the equipment on these rovers? Can anyone definitively
    eliminate tooling marks as the cause of these images?

  • roger hill says:

    It looks like the imprint of a Philips head screw in the sand. Did the
    rover get too close in the picture?

  • Bob H says:

    the image seems to be mostly crusty soil. the circular thing could be an
    impression made by opportunity in the dirt….whos going to debunk it first
    by looking at opportunity’s equipment to look for a culprit?

    also, this is from opportunitys microscopic imager? any way of knowing
    what power the image is taken at?

  • Chris Martin says:

    Why is this NOT a national headline or major news event?? Is it just me
    but this is really profound? This is CLEAR evidence of an ancient fossil
    that was created by something intelligent. One could argue that this is one
    of the most significant discoveries in human history.

    FOR GOD SAKES MAN get Tom Brokaw on the phone !!

  • Aaron Arana says:

    Just think about how much money and time NASA is spending on Mars. A plant
    that had water, (and may still have water under the surface), an
    atmosphere, geological activity, and more than likely and magnetic field
    in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised to find signs of past life there. 

  • believersunderground says:

    twin Fires lol, boy it’s a trip. So many things that have happen. Friday 13
    Strawberry Moon too. it’s so sad. even so, Jesus Christ is Lord. many are
    called. the rest are jealous lol have a nice day. Mars Anomalies◄ Recent
    NASA Image Reveals A Valve◄ Evidence Of Technology On Mars◄ Celtic Cross ★★★

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