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Math as Medicine: The Promise of Frequency Domain BioMarkers as a Template to Predict, Enchance and Promote Optimal Health

Albany, Ohio (PRWEB) September 15, 2014

In order to provide predictability and safety, the concepts of math and medicine often act conjointly to quantify, define and model medical practice. Defined as Bioinformatics (1), this industry has become an integral part of medical care.

The Journal of BioAcoustic Biology ( regularly reports the studies conducted by the non-profit Institute of BioAcoustic Biology, located in Albany, Ohio, USA, which have consistently demonstrated that math can be much more than a measurement tool; math, as frequency, can be the solution to therapeutic predictability, management and resolution.

The Business of Disease: An Inside Job and Outside Business by Sonia Barrett(2) includes an entire chapter devoted to explaining the Pathways of compounds called Chemistry; as they relate to Mathways of subtractive frequencies that can be used to create a numeric biomarker sets capable, individually and collectively, of being predictive, diagnostic and prescriptive. The chapter speculates that resonate matrix-based medicine has the ability to provide a prompt and corrective protocols in person or via the internet.

To date there is no universally accepted modality that has the potential to assist in the survival of biological, radioactive and pandemic threats; reverse stroke and muscle trauma or support space travel as frequency based solutions show the ability to overcome bone-loss and muscle atrophy. The Washington Post (Sept 12, 2014) (3) reports that in many instances, by the time the cause has been identified, it is often too late to provide remediation.

A previous project in conjunction with the US Army (4) was undertaken to test this emerging technology by exploring the potential of using frequency based biomarkers to identify and quantify Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and the associated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The implication of the prior study was the development of a quantitative, mobile, non-invasive model that could identify the damage caused by close proximity acoustic blast injuries and, ultimately, the restitution of normal brain function and emotional stability. The work being pioneered by the Institute continues to employ numeric biomarker patterns to assess, evaluate and produce outcomes that support optimal biological form and function.

Brian Butterworth, author of What Counts: How Every Brain is Hardwired for Math (5) states that our brain communicates using the language of math expressed as frequency. As these signals reach the brain, the biofrequencies are sorted, routed and assigned an interpretation and responsibility. Our brain and our biology are hardwired to respond to these basic principles of math.

This novel math-based protocol utilizes the premise that the body can identify and prescribe for itself using the algorithms of vocalized frequencies to accurately quantify, organize, and extrapolate biometric information. Experimental studies showing the reversal of hip/joint pain; the reversal of Macular Degeneration and a study of Pitocin induced labor can be found at: – ARTICLES.

Jill I. Matteson, author of Sound Secrets: Ultimate Healing (6) believes that BioAcoustic Biology is an area of scientific endeavor that is in the process of becoming scientifically established. She reports that visionary leaders will see this novel idea as a prophecy for a new medicine which can provide conclusions based on measurable outcomes and observation. This emerging paradigm will become part of future medicine as the consistent and efficacious outcomes continue to accrue. This protocol remains in a research mode as of the date of this writing.

Strange, yet profound, BioAcoustic Biology may someday explain how a physician might instruct a heart patient to “listen to a specific frequency combination [known for its ability to stabilize heart rhythm] and call me in the morning”.


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