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Mattr Adds Values-Based Social Segmentation and Influence Marketing Features

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 16, 2014

The goal of marketers is to connect with customers to elicit the right emotions at the right time in the right place within the buying cycle. However, gaining the necessary personality and value-based data to effectively form this connection can be a costly and time consuming endeavor.

Today Mattr announced a solution to help marketers more quickly and cost effectively discover personality and value-based information about their social audience through the addition of Social Segmentation and Influence Marketing extensions. Marketers can now answer value-based questions, such as – Is an influencer or audience more traditional or non-conformist? Are they price sensitive? Are they daring or wholesome? – and have this data in milliseconds rather than the weeks required using traditional research methods.

Social Segmentation

How much qualitative information do brands have about the people following them online? Mattr resolved to make that question easier to answer with its Social Segmentation feature. A brand’s influencers and social media audience can now be analyzed and segmented based on combinations of personality traits, STEEP values (social, technological, environmental, economic and political), interests and demographics. This data allows for the creation of multi-layered personas so brands can target segments more effectively and align their brand personality and values with a specific audience.

Influence Marketing

Many brands want the ability to target specific people with their content, whether it’s owned, paid or earned, but struggle with identifying targets. With its Influence Marketing features, Mattr puts an end to that struggle by allowing marketers to discover the most influential people online based on the keywords and topics that matter to them. Using a tiered system, Mattr identifies all the influencers brands need to know – mass media, bloggers, non-traditional media and individuals who are over-indexed with niche expertise and following.

Additionally, Mattr can assist marketers with Influence Marketing tied to events by discovering attendees and event conversations happening online, allowing them to identify new influencers and quickly emerging trends in real-time.

“We’re very excited about the unique benefits our new Influence Marketing and Social Segmentation features can now provide for marketers,” said Jack Holt, CEO of Mattr. “Mattr helps them better understand their social media audiences to improve the day to day execution of their current social media programs and increase the metrics and KPIs they’re being measured against. A brand’s audience, the people consuming their online content, are the most important facet of a social media program and we’re proud to allow marketers to put them at the center of their programs.”

Key Benefits

Increase Brand Exposure:

Target pitching efforts and maximize ad spend by discovering which media most influences a brand’s influencers and social media audience
Uncover potential partnerships by learning the brands, celebrities, people and media that most influence a brand’s influencers and social media audience

Increase Audience Engagement:

Create more tailored content by seeing the topics and trends being most discussed by influencers

Increase Conversion:

Find influencers most likely to take action on behalf of your brand

Improve Customer Experience, Loyalty and Retention:

Quickly identify and resolve customer issues by following influential people and content and monitoring for negative sentiment
Align a brand’s personality and values with that of its audience
Discover customer advocate candidates within a brand’s audience
Plan, monitor and tweak content and campaigns based on the personality and value of a brand’s audience

Measure Competitive Performance:

Monitor a brand’s competitors and events and track share of voice

Save Time and Money on Insights:

Uncover deep psychographic insights and qualitative social data in an instant without the costs of traditional market research

Additional Resources:

New at Mattr: Values-Based Segmentation and Influence Marketing

About Mattr

Mattr understands that “Personalities Tell Powerful Stories” and is leading a new era for marketing insights, providing brands with a deeper, more colorful view into their social audience – including who’s influential to their brand (and what influences them), what’s trending in influential conversations and where untapped marketing opportunities lie within brand segments. Learn more at

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