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Midtown Dentistry, Houston, Texas, Installs O-So Pure Water Filtration

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) October 10, 2014

Even though there is no epidemiologic evidence that could indicate a public health problem, one area of infection control that is easily overlooked is the issue of making sure dental unit water is safe. Without the proper infection control procedures, pathogens could build up in dental unit waterlines. There is no documented evidence about any adverse health effects as a result of allowing this to happen, but it is not acceptable for dental offices to fail to follow strict infection control procedures.

Proper infection control in dental offices is absolutely essential for keeping patients safe during treatment, and it is an issue taken extremely seriously at Midtown Dentistry in Houston. This is why the principal dentist, Dr. Jonathan Penchas, chose to install the O-So Pure water Filtration system. This system delivers a high standard of filtered water, and the filtration unit is constantly monitored and maintained as part of the office’s extremely strict infection control procedures. Patient safety is always Midtown Dentistry’s highest priority, and the dental team is committed towards researching and installing the very best technologies, such as O-So Pure.

O-So Pure Inc. produces water filtration systems for a number of different uses, including for medical and dental offices. Its systems use a combination of ultraviolet and reverse osmosis, providing dual filtration of water that removes 99% or more of bacteria in water, cyst and fine sediments.

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