[MV] Joo Won(주원) _ Love medicine(소독약) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST Part.6) | The Knowledge Dynasty

[MV] Joo Won(주원) _ Love medicine(소독약) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST Part.6)

[MV] Joo Won(주원) _ Love medicine(소독약) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST Part.6) *English subtitles are now available. 😀 (Please click on ‘CC’ button or activate ‘Intera…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to [MV] Joo Won(주원) _ Love medicine(소독약) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST Part.6)

  • Daniel Gurung says:

    Good doctor amazing drama..moon chae won sarange..

  • Violet Li says:

    보고 싶단 건 아무리 다그쳐도
    말릴 수 없는 어린애처럼

    두 눈 가득히 모든 게 그대인데
    내 맘도 모르는 그대만
    바라보다가 아파도

    내 맘에 바람이 분다 수많은 상처를 딛고
    사랑이란 게 아픈 줄 알면서도
    또다시 심장이 뛴다 믿고 싶다 우리의 사랑은
    순간이 아닌 운명 같은 거라고…….

    닮아 가네요 사소한 것 까지도
    말투도 그대의 웃음소리도
    그댄 내 삶의 나의 집이 되 주고
    따뜻한 그대의 손길로
    살게 하죠 그대만이..

    내 맘에 바람이 분다 수많은 상처를 딛고
    사랑이란 게 아픈 줄 알면서도
    또다시 심장이 뛴다 믿고 싶다 우리의 사랑은
    순간이 아닌 운명 같은 거라고

    차갑게 오 ~ 얼어붙은 내 심장을
    다시 뛰게 해준 사람이
    바로 그대니까..

    사랑이란 게 아픈 줄 알면서도
    또다시 심장이 뛴다 믿고 싶다 우리의 사랑은
    순간이 아닌 운명 같은 거라고…

    또다시 심장이 뛴다

  • Adela Macelaru says:

    You realy touch my soul…love you Joo Won!

  • Gumiho Alien says:

    Amazing actor, amazing singer! I’m in love! <3 xD

  • micromyuze says:

    I think the singing voice says a lot about a person. Joo Won’s voice has a
    kind and healing aspect to it.

  • celinda zavaleta velesmoro says:

    Simplemente no puedo dejar de escuchar esta canción 🙂 El canta muy bien.

  • Qama onlyblueZELOver says:

    I love him~! Joo WOn is an Awesome actor~! all his drama got high rate n
    its fabulous~! Now he sings well too~! He reach the high note well.Also a
    nice,humble,kind person. He respect his hyung on the show 2D1N. Joo Won

  • Lee Minwoo says:

    My tears flowed uncontrobly while the music is playing!

  • showsomedignaty says:

    Noo!! Joo won stop making me fall in love with you more.

  • monkeys2snsd says:

    i love this couple so much >.< Moon Chae Won ....<3

  • kaejaaja says:

    [MV] Joo Won(주원) _ Love medicine(소독약) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST Part.6) น้องจู

  • Furuba Baka says:

    Nice song! *-*

  • Ulya Seung Gi says:

    주원아 사랑해. ^_^

  • Shaheera Yunus says:

    Fall for him since ojakgyo drama..keep falling for him unstoppable ;)

  • Jessica Yang says:


  • กมลลักษณ์ ตรีธีรโรจน์ says:

    I love joo won
    because he is very cute

  • fah fahfahfah says:

    Love love love <3

  • sorry395 says:

    he is a great actor, also singer.. and one more reason to love him he is so
    so so humble and that’s makes me love him more.. I hope he can continue to
    be him, himself forever. 

  • kenneth kwok says:

    Beautiful song , wonderful drama!

  • TiffyLevy says:

    I love joo won’s voice. Cant help falling in love with him

  • Boksu Boc says:

    Joo Won sing this ?????

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  • Gracy Shih says:

    He is a very humble actor. Love his drama and singing.

  • Lee Chearin says:

    OMG im missing this drama like kelfleflfe omg.. iloved it

  • ZULEYMA Amyeluz_ says:

    Además de ser un excelente actor, también canta hermoso. Les comparto este
    bello tema interpretado por Joo Won. (OST de Good Doctor) ^_^

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